Affiliate Difficulty: Beginner – Start A Site with $100K/Month Potential

You are looking for ways to earn cash online, and you’ve stumbled upon what appears to be an impossible way to earn…blogging.  It’s become cliche almost that you can make money online writing your expertise or expressing yourself creatively, but the fact remains, yes you can make money blogging!  In fact:

MoneyHax makes money blogging.

Here are just a few other bloggers/publishers that make enough money to call themselves businesses rather than bloggers:

  • Making Sense of Cents
  • Eyeswoon
  • Cash Cow Couple
  • Making Star Wars
  • Super Hero Hype

Why Most Blogs Fail

You may have started a blog before, and it’s gone flat.  The truth is, 90% of blogs typically fail after their first year is done.  Why just a year?

  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of monetization

MoneyHax is a good example of what it takes to get a blog going.  Why?  We’ve been live for about a year and a half now, and we are now just starting to gain steam.  We knew this is going into the whole blog thing, that’s why we remain to be committed.  Fear not!  If you have experience, expertise, or passion for product blog material you are in the right place!

Big time bloggers

Pick Something to Blog About

You need to pick something to write about.  This isn’t easy.  You have to know what you can write about but also something that has monetization behind it.  That means you need to produce content that eventually someone will end up buying a product or service.  The good thing here is that there are always products you can write about that relate to many niches and markets.


We’ve talked about this term a few times already but are you clear on it?  Here’s the simple meaning:  A Way to Get Your Blog to Produce Money.  Some ways bloggers monetize?

  • Advertising
  • Digital Products
  • Coaching or Tutoring
  • Affiliate Marketing

Here’s why these methods are so darn useful:  Little to No Overhead

What this means is there is little cost to you to use these techniques including starting a blog.

So if your blog fails, there is little out of pocket expense for you.  However, don’t let this be a factor in your motivation to keep your business growing!

More on that Affiliate Marketing Idea

Affiliate Marketing is often misconstrued as overly complicated or just plain annoying.  But this method is key to your blogs survival.  Affiliate Marketing is referring people to products and services through what is called Referral Links.  Ever refer something to a friend, and they ended up buying it?  If you had gotten a reward, think of this as Affiliate Marketing.

Many websites creatively use referral links to construct businesses around this concept.  Examples?

  • Ebates
  • Swagbucks
  • The Penny Hoarder
  • Top Cash Back

Without Affiliate Marketing, these businesses would struggle to earn revenue!

Want to Learn More about Affiliate Marketing?

We’ve already written up a short about the basics of Affiliate Marketing.

The Combo that Will Get You Started

Here’s what you need.  A Website and an Affiliate Network.  Here’s the two we recommend:


BlueHost Hosting: $3.95 a month (Includes Domain if you do a year)


Affiliate Network

FlexOffers: Free Sign Up (Need Website with Content to Join)


Well there it is

Well, uh, there it is.

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