Sell Your Own Home Without an Agent!

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Selling or renting your home is a stressful process, one that is alleviated if you hire a Real Estate Agent.  Take no offense in this sentence:  You don’t NEED a Real Estate Agent to sell your home.  Becoming a Real Estate agent is well… one with little barriers.  Pass a test you can study for in a few weeks time, pass it, and you can help buyers and sellers.

The cost for a homeowner to sell with a real estate agent can cost you up to 6% OF YOUR HOME! It’s no wonder if that if you submitted your info on or Zillow that you’ll receive dozens if not hundreds of calls from prospective realtors.  To get your home listed on Realtor or Zillow includes the process of getting into the MLS or Listing Service.

Little do people know that you can actually pay a flat fee mls cost and sell directly to potential buyers without having to deal with an agent!

Flat Fee MLS
Pay to list on your own and see where you’ll be found!

Sell Your Home Without an Agent

First off, 6% of the average $250,000 home is $15,000.  Do that math here, and you’ll see that Real Estate is one of opportunity whenever it comes.  If you have the time to take pictures of your house (in an orderly fashion), you may find the listing with a Flat Fee MLS is something right up your alley.

Realtor and Zillow, among other real estate listing sites, are wildly popular and are a massive source of house searches these days.  Sure, you can capture even more updated listings on a Real Estate companies MLS system.  And yes, paying for a Flat Fee MLS you’ll be listed on these services, but be wary of any potential Real Estate Agent looking to jump aboard selling your home for you.

Always be closing

Selling Takes Paperwork…Lots of it!

For a buyer to afford your potential home, they’ll likely take out a mortgage.  Along with title and closing documents, this is where paperwork and the legality of things come in.  Fret not!  Along with plenty of Real Estate Agents, there are tons of Real Estate Lawyers out there willing to help out, for a lot less than 6% of your home.  Better yet, use Thumbtack to find a highly rated Real Estate professional and speed the process of finding the right people to take care of you!

Sometimes an Agent is Worth it

This isn’t a post directed at dissing Real Estate Agents.  But with the way technology has advanced, you can indeed sell your home a lot easier without an Agent these days.  Flat Fee MLS charges is a surefire way to get interested in your home without going through an Agent or Broker.  Having an Agent sell your home works if you lack time to do so.  They’ll be able to show your home if you aren’t home, and it’s a requirement to be licensed and insured to do just that.

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