Start a Blog and Earn Money

You are reading MoneyHax and wondering to yourself if you could start a similar blog.  The answer is yes, you can!  Of course, it’s not as easy as you might think, and you probably will not make money for quite some time.

In fact, 90% of blogs typically fail after the author gives up before 12 months.  The other 10% or less is dedicated to their business.

Where to start

Don't get overwhelmed

Lot’s of info below!

Before buying a domain or hosting, ask yourself this simple question:  What do I know more than others?

If the answer is clear, then you should continue to the next step.  But if you don’t know the answer, or if you have trouble defining a particular niche or category, you will need to find this out first.  Starting a blog requires you to write, consistently, to a particular niche and the audience that follows that niche.  If you like fishing, for example, you could start a blog on different fishing aspects.  Since your audience is defined, you’ll be able to target content towards them.

Once you have your content focus ready to go, you should consider branding your blog with a domain.  There is debate as to whether, a dot com, or dot net, matter in this decision, but the answer is always clear, dot com is still preferred amongst the web since most are already used to typing that in.  If you rely on people going to your website through Google, it wouldn’t matter as much, but if someday you want people to type in your site, a dot-com domain in necessary!

You should buy your domain and hosting together since it makes things easier to get things started.   But before continuing to consider hosting to be the most important aspect of your initial start-up phase.  If you are a blog, WordPress is King and allows customization while also being easy to set up.  Make sure to find a hosting provider aimed at working together with WordPress.  There is an extra cost to this, but it makes it up for faster hosting, which is important for ranking.  Interested in an affordable hosting plan?  Try our partner BlueHost and pay as little at $3.95 a month!

Bluehost Hostings


Trouble getting everything started?  Just Ask!

Customer service makes these two hosting companies worthy of your business.  If you have trouble getting started, there will be no issues asking them to fix it!

Everything is running…now what?

Assuming you have implemented WordPress through an optimized WordPress hosting provider, you may be asking yourself what to do now?  Here are some next steps to consider:

  • Evaluate competitors
  • Find a premium theme from ThemeForest
  • Start writing!

Most businesses fail because of their failure to start, so just start writing about your favorite topics in your niche, the worst that could happen is that your posts will be disregarded if they don’t rank well.

Final Step: Monetize

After you start posting for a few months (yes you’ll need to be consistent),  you should start to consider monetizing your blog.  There are many ways you can do this, but two hands-off approaches can be started immediately.  AdSense through Google is an ad that you insert somewhere into your blog, and it will provide users different ads based on their previous Google searches.  In other words, if you often search for fishing equipment and you land on a personal finance blog, you’ll still see a fishing equipment ad placed on the personal finance blog.

The other method is referred to as Affiliate Marketing.  Essentially, this marketing aspect is referring your readers to specific services or products related to your niche.  For example, if you write about Fishing Rods, you can review a Bass Pro Shop particular product and link them directly to Bass Pro Shop.  If the reader ends up buying the product, you earn a commission.

You’ll need to join an affiliate network to get started with this.  There are, however a multitude of networks offering different merchants.  Not to worry because two innovative companies have given bloggers a great way to include affiliate marketing automatically.

Skimlinks or Viglink.  If approved by their network, which you’ll need a well-ranking blog, you can insert a WordPress plugin that will automatically generate affiliate links for the content you have produced.  These two networks have already partnered up with many of the merchants in your niche, so no need to apply to multiple systems!

Social and more!

You’ll need to connect with your audience through social networks like Facebook and Pinterest.  Also, consider using accounting software and getting proper setup.  The key is just to get started!

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