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Earning cash back online is often overlooked by consumers.  We’ve even labeled our own favorite cash back stores here.  Though it may be confusing or unclear on how you earn cash back, the premise is straightforward.

  • About to buy a product?  Remember the merchant
  • Go to a cashback site
  • Look for the merchant
  • Locate their cash back percentage
  • Sign up, and click through on the link provided
  • Once purchased you’ll earn that advertised cash back

Rates vary from cashback site to cashback site, so you don’t have to be loyal to one, however staying in one place will bring up your balance quicker for payout.

Surveys for Money

Go even simpler with Ibotta

The company Ibotta revolutionizes the way we think about earning money back for our purchases.  You can also scan your Walgreens receipt and gain potential cash back opportunities.


Ibotta isn’t a traditional cash back portal, where you’ll find merchants and cash back percentages, although yes they do offer this, their primary focus is cash back opportunities on specific products.  For example, you can earn money back on L’Oreal makeup or even beer purchases.

Ibotta Lays

Once you’ve downloaded the Ibotta app, you can scan for products.  If you have already purchased an item that offers the money back, you can browse your receipt and it’ll find it automatically for you!  You’ll note that the app works with most major chains including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Meijers.  You can link your loyalty cards as well to the app, so those Meijers Perks don’t go to waste, or use your Target REDcard and Cartwheel and look for stacking cash back opportunities.  Take Surveys, Earn Reward Codes, and more…you betta get on Ibotta today!



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