Impact Radius Affiliate Network Review: Easy To Use and Very Efficient

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Everything you need as a marketer is right in front of you on the Impact (Radius) network. Big Named Merchants, Publisher Support, and Ease of Use.
Impact Publisher

Affiliates who are eager to try newer and deeper marketing concepts should take a look at multiple affiliate networks.  You could always start with a ShareASale or Flexoffers, to begin with, and then progress to more complicated networks like Pepperjam and Impact Radius.  Impact is one of those networks where you’ll find a unique selection of merchants and is always adding additional top quality e-commerce programs like UBER Driver and H&M.

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Time to Impact Your Affiliate Strategy

The Impact network is no joke if you want to expand your affiliate relationships because of the vast number of options and reporting available to you.  It’s more complicated but nicely.  You’ll be able to grab affiliate links, literally from the front dashboard page, and you’ll be able to find applicable merchants through the marketplace.  Terminology is also a tad different than what you may be used to, for example, when you apply to programs like an UBER Driver, you are sending UBER and Insertion Order or I.O. for short.  Most networks just let you click a few checkboxes and submit your application away.  Impact, however, will show you the commissions up front during the Insertion Order stage.

Powerful Tracking Software

Impact doesn’t necessarily act as an Affiliate Network per se.  Merchants can manage their programs privately, much like hosting an in-house affiliate program with their logos and links in one location with the added benefit of belonging to a larger publisher base.  This makes Impact an intriguing, although expensive, advertiser option for those willing.

Why Are Merchants Going to Impact?

We’ve noticed a lot of merchants heading to Impact due to it’s reporting, but also failed innovation from current networks like Linkshare.  We have our theories on why Linkshare isn’t as big or as famous anymore, one of them being their acquisition of Ebates.  Nevertheless, many merchants are going to Impact Radius, not for its pricing (because it’s pricey), but because it’s becoming a regular stop for advanced affiliate marketers.  Affiliate Managers and alike find Impact to be easy to manage, but also very useful in comparison to the other networks.

Publishers Sign Up

Want to sign up to Impact?  Not so fast!  Impact is not an automatic approval for those publishers who don’t have much following.  While you may consider this a negative, it’s positive for advertisers since they know they are being included in a base where publishers are active within the community.

New Feature That Other Networks Fail to Include

One of the significant benefits of Impact is that every piece of information you likely will need is placed right on the first page of the dashboard like:

  • What Commissions You Have
  • Commissions That Are Pending
  • New Intriguing Merchants to Apply to
  • Line Graph Comparing Your Actions Over the Past Week (Adjustable)
  • Quick Affiliate Link Selection

Our favorite is the new quick affiliate link selection.  From the first page of the dashboard, you can quickly grab a homepage link (or any deep link) of any approved affiliate program on your account on the front page!!

Impact Radius Quick link

It’s Our Favorite Network!

We’re giving Impact our stamp of approval for being super organized and active within the Affiliate Industry.  Not only is support there if you need it but one of the founders Todd Crawford is always advising the performance industry via social and through conferences.

Impact Publisher Sign Up Here!

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