Investing with Spare Change

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Investing in Spare Change!!

It’s not easy to get started in the investment game.  For many, it’s a weekly if not daily struggle to fund your checking and savings accounts let alone putting money out into the universe for other unknown reasons.  For one company, called Acorns, they are making investing a seamless transaction to any budget no matter the size.

Acorns – Investing Spare Change

With all of the breakthroughs within the Financial Technology industry (Fintech), it’s no wonder that Acorns tapped into the spare change market.  How does investing with spare change work?

  • Buy a chocolate bar for $1.50 including tax
  • Acorns will take the .50c extra into an investing account
  • That’s it!

By being rounding up on these investments, you’ll be spending money not only on good but your investment account with Acorns.  In fact, Acorns recently is taking applications for their Debit card making it EVEN EASIER  to invest with spare change.  Soon you’ll be investing spare Acorns like it’s nothing!!

that's a lot of acorns

Spare Change – What is it?!

Most cash transactions are ancient history.  When was the last time you paid for something under $1?  Perhaps it was the neighborhood Lemonade stand, or maybe you’ve used a few quarters in the laundry room or vending machine.  In the current world, it’s rare to use spare change, so why not invest it with Acorns?

Other Ways to Invest with Acorns

Acorns will make you invest with spare change quickly, but that doesn’t mean that’ll be the only way you can invest more within the portfolio Acorns provides.  You can also refer other people to the Acorns service and earn more money over time (much like Affiliate Marketing).  Here are some different ways to boost your Investment portfolio with Acorns:

  • Found Money: Shop at Acorn’s Retail Partners and Earn Cash Back in the form of more investment dollars
  • Referring Friends
  • One Time Investments: Invest a more substantial sum of money to boost investment return
  • Acorn’s Spend: The New Debit Card we were talking about will offer Cash Back in the form of investment money
  • Recurring Investments: Place $5 or more into the investment account every week, month, etc.


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