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People struggle with their budget, often being drawn into luxury items, overspending, and no real documentation. Here is the solution to your budgeting woes:

Several years ago I used a few products to get me out of debt, increase credit rating, and save more. The tool I used was called Mint. Today, there are several options like Mint.com, and although it’s still a terrific option we believe that Personal Capital feels more premium.

Here is the beautiful Personal Capital Dashboard, sans personal info

Personal Capital is a budgetary tool that will get your assets and debts organized under one roof.

It’s a terrific option for those who struggle with their budget, and also have a relatively significant amount of money in stocks and other assets.  The app also connects with most smart devices even your smartwatch for notifications.  Personal Capital Budgeting is free to download and sign up for!

If I have no significant assets, is Personal Capital still for me?

In our opinion, you may be better off with Mint. Mint is still a fantastic option, even after its purchase from Intuit, the makers of Quickbooks. Quickbooks apparently is a great booking company, so you know they would only invest in the very best of options.  Quickbooks hosting also makes it a great choice for many in-house accountants. You can also look into Betterment and other entry-level investing apps to get you started!

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