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There is plenty of non-tech legitimate work from home jobs in the remote job marketplace, despite the misconception that remote jobs are only in the technology field. Below are 17 non-tech, full work from home jobs that were active as of Feb 6, plus technology tips for landing a non-tech remote job.

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About the Work From Home Jobs on This List

Remote: Each job below is fully remote and can be done anywhere in the U.S. They are full-time schedules, and some offer additional flexible work options like flexible scheduling.

Career Fields: Accounting and finance, legal, travel, medical and health, human resources, PR and marketing, customer service, business, writing, and administration are the main career fields represented.

Experience Levels: The jobs on this list range from entry-level through executive.

  1. Manager, Global Client Onboarding
  2. Underwriting Assistant
  3. Head of Content
  4. Executive Assistant
  5. Virtual Scribe
  6. Project Manager
  7. Writing Center Tutor
  8. Marketing Assistant
  9. Medical Coder
  10. Accounts Receivable Supervisor
  11. Customer Support
  12. SEO Content Writer
  13. Program Consultant
  14. English Transcript Editor
  15. Teacher Success Advocate
  16. Copy Editor
  17. International Travel Consultant

Tech Tips for Landing a Non-Tech Remote Job

The jobs on this list show that you don’t have to work in tech to work remotely. However, to land a remote job, it helps to be tech-savvy and comfortable with the types of technology typically used in remote work environments.

Remote.co surveyed over 50 remote companies to find out which tools are the most widely used by remote teams. The most widely used on a “daily” basis include:

  • Instant messaging (Slack, Skype, and Google Chat were the most popular)
  • Project management (Trello, Pivotal Tracker, and Basecamp were the most popular)
  • Team collaboration (Slack, Yammer, and HipChat were the most popular)
  • Phone calls—yup, good old-fashioned phone calls! (Skype, cell phones, and landlines were the most popular tools)

If you have experience with these, or any similar communication and collaboration tools, be sure to list them on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and in your job interview answers. Showcase your understanding of remote team collaboration and communication norms, and you’ll stand out to hiring managers.

Top 10 Jobs that are Remote Infographic
Source: Remote.co

Special thanks to Remote.co for giving us this information!

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