Little Caesars Listens – Enter Survey for Chance at $15,000

Say what you will about Little Caesar’s Pizza, but for $5 you can feed a family with a Pizza.  Not many places offer this kind of value and speed of service.  Some Little Caesar’s locations are now rolling out Drive Thru options to make it even quicker to get your pizza home.  The company cares about customer service, so much so that they are offering a survey for your feedback called Little Caesars Listens.

Little Caesars Listens

Eligibility for Little Caesar’s Listens

To provide feedback and have the opportunity for a monthly drawing of $15,000 (Limited Time), follow these guidelines:

  • Must have ordered a pizza within three days of visiting this site
  • Complete and submit the registration form as directed
  • Enter as much as four times per month
  • Must live in the USA (All 50 States)
  • Opt into the Sweepstakes during your survey
Little Caesars Listens
It’s easy!

Provide Honest Feedback

By providing honest feedback at places like Little Caesar’s you can help the company innovate more customer service ideas given their sizeable corporate size.  Winners of the surveys often provide excellent feedback that is useful and actionable.  Many places offer rewards for feedback.  Just check the receipt of your most recent retail/food experience and be surprised at the opportunity.  Given that only a select percentage do this, your odds of receiving a reward increase, but of course, there are no guarantees or pay for your feedback.

49 thoughts on “Little Caesars Listens – Enter Survey for Chance at $15,000

  1. We got our first Little Caesar’s since moving to Aiken last fall. We used to get them in PA and they were a favorite. Great price and still delicious. Glad we found you again.

  2. The bestest , fastest pizza place around , buy there at least 2 or 3 times a week , for real , ask the nice people that work at the Palmer location. Your most pepperoni , cheesiest is excellent .. And the only place where when you get to the crust , it’s so good you eat that to !

  3. First time trying the stuffed crust pizza. Was very pleased!! Little Caesars is an affordable way to feed your family without skimping on taste.

    1. It was one of my first pizzas also. Little Caesar’s was a bit more popular in the early 90s and the crazy bread was a craze in our small town of Marlton. Glad you enjoy it!

  4. I never wait more than 5 minutes for my pizza every time I order in or out from Little Caesars. There’s never any problems with shopping here, my daughter loves the pizza and it’s also cheap. Thank you literally for making everything happen little ceasars.

  5. I can not believe how great the stuffed crust pizza is,my first time trying it today won’t be my last

  6. I buy from the Little Caesar’s on Airport road in Arden. Every time I go I am amazed at their level of customer service, they are way above every one else and they have the friendliest people working. Congratulations on a job well done.

  7. Me and my family like the Little Caesars Pizza, we like the price and taste, all the time have to bay and no need wating.

  8. Love the hot and ready pizzas drive up or walk in always fast service and it’s the only Pizza with the soft crust that doesn’t tear into my gums it’s the only place I get my pizza

  9. We love little Caesars. Always get great service. Its a great and affordable price. I like the mushroom pizza fresh yummy. My friends always get the pepperoni pizza. Pizza is great on a rainy day. 

  10. I love little Caesars I prefer Little Caesar over any other pizza place whoever making the food around 9 need a promotion everything hot taste great keep it up 

  11. This is the best pizza, they are super fast, it’s a great price. I could not possibly get pizza at some other place. Every time I bring little caesars pizza home to my family, they rush out of whatever they are doing to have a slice of it. Btw this is the only pizzeria that cuts the pizza for you nicely so you don’t have to cut it yourself again. They have it ready for you. I cant think of going somewhere else for a pizza, Its the best of the best. Thank you little caesars for being awesome every single day, I appreciate it so much. 🙂

  12. I always have been a Pizza Hut fan,,,
    But that’s until I moved here to Nashville Tn. My sister and nephew brought home Little Caesars Pizza I’ll give it a try it was dog gone good then I found out how much it cost,,,haven’t ate pizza at any other establishments since…

  13. I ordered a cheese and a 3 meat pizza.The 3 meat was delicious but,the cheese pizza was over cooked. I will continue to order my pizza,s from there.

  14. I really like little Caesars and yes 1 pizza can feed a family of 4 and my family eats them at least 3 or 4x a week smh lol…..i have 1 particular place I go and the workers know me and my kids and their always friendly to us and the atmosphere is always great

  15. I found out that the pizza at Chuck E Cheese comes from Little Caesars! I love that pizza. So, I only had a few dollars and I was starving. Stopped at the nearby Little Caesars and got a pizza. I asked how long was it waiting and the clerk replied, it hot. And, yes it was! Poor Giovanna missed her chance at a hot pizza! Price is great and so is the pizza. Thanks, Little Caesars!

  16. I love Little Caesars Deep Dish Hot and Ready Pizzas! However, the location that I go to is lacking in customer service. Normally, when this location is busy, they have their phone off the hook, so you can never get through to order pizza. I called at a time I thought they would not be busy and they answered. I was excited that they answered and I placed an order, so that I would not have to wait for it (They did not have any Hot and ready pizzas made). They told me it would take 10 min. I showed up to pick up my pizza 15 min later. When I go there there was only one car in the parking lot. My pizza was not ready. I paid for my pizza and I was asked to park out front and they would bring out my pizza. 15 min. later they were waiting on the many customers who had arrived, and had not delivered my pizza to my car. I drove back around to the drive up window, and asked about my order. That employee left for about 5 min and then another employee came to the window to see what I needed. They then disappeared for another 5 min. That employee came back with the story that they had accidentally given my pizza to another customer, but had another one in the oven for me that would be ready in about 6 min. They did offer to give me an additional pizza free. 15 later, I finally got my pizza.

  17. Had the young (2) grandkids over and ordered two large pizza’s. We all enjoyed them and have leftovers for my husband me for tomorrow.

  18. Service was horrible, could hear the manager and other worker arguing. She comes to me to cash me out and is angry with me you could hear it in her tone. I get it your angry with the guy, but don’t come to the register upset. Pizza was not ready and I had called it in and was told 15 minutes. But the pizza was not even made, because the girl who cashed me out went to the back and yelled did the 3 meat pizza get made, and she said yes, but then they had to make another one. I think it was the manager/supervisor who came to me and didn’t seem to worried that my pizza was not made, just keep saying there busy. I told him that was the purpose of calling my order in. By then he walked away. He didn’t care!! I know this has happened before with other customers. Just a week ago another customer was angry cause everybody was getting there order before him and again management didn’t seem to care. Service needs to improve!!

  19. I have to address first that I appreciate Lttle Caesar’s in more then two ways, if anyone knows AUTISM, you’d know how picky autisyic kid’s are with food and Little Caesar’s is their favorite and also with limited financial means, it’s greatly priced and still tastes great, also my son’s are learning to adapt to social interaction and the lovation near our house has had some very kind and understanding employees, they were so very courteous to my son’s and also have been very accommodating, thank you Little Caesar’s for the good favorite food for my son’s and the independent skills they have learned with the wonderful ppl you’ve added to your business’s…OH AND HAVE TO ADD THANK YOU FOE ALL THE NEW STUFF YOU KEEP ADDING! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU COME UP WITH NEXT!
    Signed a very satisfied AUTISM MOM

  20. Little Caesers pizza is good, it is nice that it is fast when you go in for a $5.00 pizza, but it is just average in taste. The crust is nothing special. I will say I love the crazy bread-it is very tasty.

  21. I love the fact that Little Caesars Pizza has a app that I can download make my order pay for it and just go pick it up within 15 to 20 minutes maybe less and by the time I pick it up and get it home it’s still hot is still fresh in me and my family can enjoy it so yeah I support and love Little Caesars Pizza

  22. Got the 5 meat pizza, the worst pizza I have eaten in a long long time. The meats were dried out, the crust was hard. Will never go there again.

  23. Me encanta el servicio que dan es una compañía que ofrece una pizza deliciosa y económica y rápido su servicio simplemente deliciosa para toda la familia

  24. Asistí a comprar pizza el Viernes 28 de septiembre del 2018 a comprar una deliciosas pizzas para una reunión familiar simplemente deliciosa

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