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Now that you know what a Money Hack is, you should look into our favorite money hack list.  Yes you!  Look to the sidebar (or if you have a phone, keep scrolling).

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Our selected list of apps that help you get money back are typically free of charge, or easy to use.  Let’s take a look at a few:


Ever been curious of your internet / cable bill and why it fluctuates every month or so?  Have a robot automatically look into your bill and negotiate it lower. How it works?

  • Link your applicable Cable Bill account, i.e. Comcast
  • Sign up via email or Facebook
  • Let Trim do it’s thing
  • Save big…up to nearly half off your bill each month


Linking a credit card to an app is becoming the new wave of money hack and saving technology.  All you do is link your credit cards to an app and you can be entered into Cash Back opportunities.  For example, go to Denny’s and swipe your linked card and you can earn some money back when you pay for your meal!  Here’s how DOSH works:

  • Download the app and sign up via email
  • Look through all of your local cash back opportunities (i.e. Dining and Hotel)
  • Link your credit card that you use often or the one which will use these offers
  • Shop at applicable places
  • Earn Said Cash Back


It’s no secret that credit cards offer way more rewards than debit cards.  Take advantage of it by essentially converting your Credit Card into a Debit Card with Debitize.  Here’s how this one works:

  • Sign Up via Email
  • Link any credit card
  • Link your bank account
  • Any time you use your Credit Card – it will act as a debit and be deducted from your bank
  • No Charges Whatsoever!


Ever shop at a store one day and get a product you think was a steal at the time?  Then picture this – the next day the same product is cheaper and you feel remorse!  Enter Earny, a company that is dramatically taking a new stance on price change refunds.  Earny uses a merchants price change policy in addition to applicable credit card price change policies, giving you possibly months of possible price change refunds!

  • Sign Up via Email where you purchase most of your stuff
  • Link an Amazon account should you have one
  • Link any credit card, or preferably one you use often with price change protection
  • Let Earny scan for possibilities
  • Be notified of what they can do for you
  • Get money back!


When it comes to investing in stocks you’ll be surprised to find out that a piece of stock on companies you actually want to invest in are un-affordable.  Enter Stockpile, a revolutionary way to invest in stocks that gives you portions of stock.  Instead of paying more than $1000 for a piece of Amazon stock, pay just $5 to get into the game.  Or just give it as a gift!  Use this link and get $5 by signing up

If you read our blog often, keep an eye on the Must Haves, we constantly look for innovative apps and ways to save and the next money hack is inevitable!

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