McDonald’s Survey Feedback Gives You Free Food

What more can you ask for? McDonald’s is a corporation that operates one of the largest and affordable food chains of fast food restaurants in the world!

They were created in the early 1940s to solve the problem of “I’m hungry and tired but don’t know where to get good food.” This corporation was established for quick access to good foods for all sorts of people not minding the age and differences. They’re known for burgers, chickens, sandwiches, pies, fried potatoes, ice cream, coffee, and more.  

In most markets McDonald’s offers salads and vegetarian items, wraps and other localized fares. On a seasonal basis, McDonald’s offers the McRib sandwich.

Customers are the top priority of this big establishment, their employees strive to present themselves as perfect to serve a customer right, products are offered as either “eat-in” (where the customer opts to eat in the restaurant) or “take-out” (where the customer chooses to take the food for consumption off the premises) and not only that; McDonald’s present you with quick delivery at an affordable price.

If you don’t know the whole story behind McDonald’s we totally recommend you check out the Michael Keaton Movie The Founder!

How does McDVoice Work – is McDonald’s survey website. McDonald’s value their customer’s feedback and appreciate them taking the time to complete the survey. The survey asks a range of questions about the experience customers had when working with their customer service staff.

Here we go!

  1. Make a purchase at McDonald’s store
  2. Keep you receipt safe
  3. Visit their survey site –
  4. Enter the 26 digit survey code in the entry box on the survey home page that is located in the middle-top of your receipt
  5. You can still use your receipt to fill in your store visit information and complete the survey using the link instead. This can be done if you don’t have a survey code on your receipt.
  6. Answer all survey questions
  7. After that you’ll be presented with a coupon code

mcdvoice survey code homepage

What do I get if I Participate in McDonald’s feedback Survey aka MCDvoice?

After a successful survey completion, you’ll be rewarded with a coupon code for a free drink, burger, or other relative food items. 

Most restaurants and chains want to improve their business model so they offer survey feedback rewards as an incentive for your answers.

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