Mint Sim Review: Worthy Replacement to AT&T and T-Mobile

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Mint Sim Review
Mint Sim
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BYOD Starting at $15/mo
No Major Sacrifices Here
We’ve found Mint Sim a perfect BYOD plan replacement for those with AT&T and T-Mobile devices. The service was quick to port our number and the trial system was pretty neat.
Ready for a new plan?

Our Free Year of Sprint service has officially ended and was looking for a solid replacement.  We didn’t need anything fancy like unlimited data included with Netflix or Hulu; we wanted a pure no holds barred service that had reliable connection and price.  With tons of options out there even a Free Phone Plan, we decided to give Mint Sim a try.

What is Mint Sim?

If you’ve read our posts on bringing your smartphone to other plans, you’ll know that top cell services like Sprint and AT&T reseller their bandwidth to other smaller companies for profit.  Companies like Straight Talk and Boost Mobile take advantage of cell towers that broadcast these companies’ signals for a much lower cost.  AT&T and Sprint make more money, and the customer gets cheaper plans…everyone wins.  Mint is a newer player in this industry and offers a replacement for your AT&T and T-Mobile phones.  Sorry if you own a Sprint or Verizon Phone, you cannot bring it over to Mint.

Surveys for Money

Mint offers a steep discount, and we mean steep.  Reason being if you buy from them, they only offer 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans so that you’ll be buying plans in bulk at a discount, much like the Costco’s or BJ’s of Cell Phone Plans.

  • 3 Month Plans are $15/mo = $45+tax

Once your three-month plan is over, it’s $69 for three months, since you are using a special of theirs.  Still,  $69 for three months of cell service (2gb of Data) is very good on the wallet.  The higher range of service you pick the steeper the discount.

Truly Unique about Mint = Their Trial System

We’ve never encountered something like this before, but when you order or not with Mint sim you’ll be supplied with two trial Sim cards.  Meaning, you can test out their service using a temporary card with:

  • 100MB of Data
  • 100 Texts
  • 100 Minutes
Mint Service Trial
We were stunned at how easy it was to try Mint (before we used it)

The trial was amazingly simple to use and was pleasantly surprised how we just popped in the sim (they included the sim insert tool) and got started using the service.  You have seven days to try out Mint sim, but we found this to be an excellent side tool in case you lose service with one cell service.  You can also hand a trial sim card to a friend to try out as well.  In total: we were very impressed with this trial system, and we expect other cell companies to do the same thing.

Mint Trial Splash
Mint Trial Splash:  Track Your Trial Info — Easily!

Mint’s Actual Service (Paid)

After 24 hours of using the service, we found it to be well worth the price of admission.  Porting numbers is straightforward, but you’ll need a few things to a tee:

  • Account Number from Current Company (Check the BILL!)
  • Pin Number from Current Company (They can send it to you if you forgot)
  • Zip Code of Service

What’s cool about porting numbers is that you can call up the service line, which is quicker of course, or you can chat on the Mint smartphone app and tell them the numbers directly.  We, of course, recommend calling service to get everything squared away.  They picked up our call within 30 seconds, which is a lot nicer than Sprint’s response time (15 minutes)

Regarding data reception, you’ll be pleased since it utilizes AT&T’s Cell Towers so you shouldn’t have issues in most parts of the USA.

A bonus: a mobile Hotspot is automatically included in your plan, although because you are limited in data usage, we recommend using this sparingly.

Mint Sim is exceptional regarding the BYOD plans.  You get to TRY IT for seven days which is unheard of and offers a full refund policy if you hate the service within those seven days.

Try Out Mint Sim Here!


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