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Our goal here at MoneyHax is to make sure you get the best savings and personal finance advice.  The mortgage calculator below will give you loads of information.  When the form below is submitted with your information, the amortization schedule will be generated.  This schedule is what you pay over the term of your mortgage loan!  Try out mortgage calculator today!

What is an Amortization Schedule?

Mostly amortization is used to calculate the mortgage over the entire asset’s life.  This calculator, like the amortization schedule, will break down the first month’s payment to the last month’s payment.  The quicker you pay during the amortization period, the more equity you receive whereas, longer amortization takes a longer time to build equity.


Next Step – Finding the right mortgage for you

Finding the right mortgage broker or partner is a difficult task.  Luckily there are several innovative companies looking for your business.  LendingTree, a leading mortgage provider, is one of the most popular choices out there, with incredible service and a wide array of loan options, they will not disappoint.  BorrowWithSage is a smaller online mortgage company out of Georgia but you may find good customer support there.  HiMorty is a newer alternative option, hooking you up with incredible options, and boasting a customer friendly interface to make sure there are no hidden or lost communication.


Local options also are good to look at considering upfront communication, for example, First Alliance Credit Union or Sun Credit Union.  These types of local mortgage companies offer something invaluable outside of the rates: Personal Communication!

Being patient and shopping around for the right mortgage providers is a good way to get started on buying your dream house.


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