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Love filling out surveys?  You’re in luck!  We’ve supplied you with chances to win money at Little Caesar’s and Taco Bell.  Well now, you won’t have to win anything, as you can earn yourself a Free Burger King Burger just by filling out some honest feedback at

MyBKExperience – Survey Completion = Free Whopper!

Like most chains and retailers there is a hidden opportunity for some free stuff.  Take a look at your most recent receipt, including the one you’ve received at Burger King.  Because surveys are a tad separate from the actual business the survey website is named different but let it be known these surveys are in full partnership with their chains, including the one we’re talking about here:  Burger King!

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A Brief History of BK (Burger King)

Burger King started in 1954 in the Miami Florida area, where the headquarters remain today.  In the 90’s Burger King was a significant competitor to the biggest franchise of them all:  McDonald’s.  With their expanding menu and low prices, Burger King captured a substantial portion of Drive-Thru and Fast Food customers.

Taking the Survey

Now that you know a bit about the background of Burger King, you should know they’ve been an established company for a while and are always looking for feedback from their customers.  This means that when you fill out the MYBKExperience survey, you’ll have a chance to impact a company that has been around for nearly 75 years now.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Get Your Receipt After Visiting any Burger King location
  2. Keep your eye on the survey # on the top of the receipt
  3. Fill out 1 Minute Survey on MYBKExperience
  4. Return to your local Burger King with Promo Code from Survey
  5. Enjoy FREE Whopper or Chicken Sandwich!

MYBkExperience Website

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