Need Help Budgeting? The World’s Easiest Budgeting App is Here!

Swish App

If you have issues overspending, or just feel your account is continually drained of assets, you should consider budgeting right now!  Don’t worry; we’ve investigated many ways to make budgeting fun and easy, including Personal Capital, a premium budgeting app.  However, when we dive even further into the budgeting world, is it still too complicated for the average consumer?  Wouldn’t you want this kind of stuff done quickly and efficiently?

Go for the $wish!

We’ve recently found out about an innovative, user-friendly, and utterly marvelous budgeting app called Swish.  Digging into the app, what separates Swish from other competitors is its simplicity.  Getting started is just as uncomplicated:

  • Sign up via email
  • Link your bank accounts (w/ 256-bit encryption for security)
  • Set up your Bills
  • Set up your Income
  • Set your Saving Goal(s)

Swish App

We dig the formula that Swish uses to give you the amount “left to spend today” and “free to spend this month.” Once you input your bills (expenses) and income (money coming into your account), you can set a specific savings goal.

Setting Savings Goals

Don’t ever think you are too rich or too poor to budget.  Setting financial goals is one of the first steps in getting what you want with not only your money but your time! Here’s what you do just by budgeting out your expenses:

  • Go on a trip to Italy
  • Pay off your Student Mohela or FedLoan Balance
  • Saving for an engagement ring
  • Keeping a safe amount stashed away for life’s unforeseen events

It’s Linking Time

A trend we have seen in the financial industry is the growth of financially linked products, for example, Link your Credit Card and Earn Rewards and Money Back. For those interested in starting your budget, Swish outdoes competitors Personal Capital and Mint due to its simplicity factor.


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