Netflix Affiliate Program – Refer Others to the Popular Service

If you are looking to refer your friends to the popular streaming service Netflix, well you probably won’t be happy to hear this.  Netflix has canceled their affiliate program several years ago due to the fact that they don’t even need one anymore.  Affiliate programs are often started to help companies bring in more customers through referrals or online referrals that is.

Why Would Netflix Cease Their Affiliate Program

There are many reasons why Netflix would cancel their affiliate program.  For one, it’s expensive.  When Netflix canceled their affiliate program, their service was still experimenting with their streaming service and still sending out DVDs to customers.  Yes, that’s how long ago their program was active.

Could they start again?

Netflix paid big bucks for their affiliate commissions, and they probably could start again.  They paid around $10 for each new referral, which if you do the math, could be a ton of money for those coupon and deal publishers.  The rate of new signups these days are kind of low considering most people already have an account or share one with their family.

However, if you dig deeper…Netflix could, in fact, start their affiliate program once more since they still host a HasOffers platform advertising system.  Meaning, the capability is there if they want to restart it!

Netflix on Hasoffers Affliate Software


If you are looking for an affiliate program for Netflix, you’ll run in circles.  They don’t have an active program, nor is it in their plans.  Sure, they have the technology dormant through HasOffers, but the software could be just for tracking private advertising deals as well. If you are looking for an alternative solution, you should look into HULU.  Yes, they recently relaunched their affiliate program.

Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives:

  • Hulu – Linkshare Network
  • Sling TV – Commission Junction
  • Philo – Commission Junction
  • DirecTV now – Commission Junction
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