Invest in Real Estate without a Mortgage

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In the sharing economy, investing strategies has also evolved into a more diverse area.  You can invest in other people’s loans via Prosper or Lending Club.  Now, you can also invest in a higher yield real estate loan.  Get into the real estate investment game without a Mortgage!

RealtyShares: The Easiest Way to Enter the Real Estate Market?

This platform offers a wide array of properties to invest in for as little as $5,000.  If you have small or a modest amount of money to spend, real estate investing offers many benefits with tangible property and high yield returns.  RealtyShares provides tremendous value to the average investor because of this.  According to RealtyShares themselves during the month of October, $2,602,000 in principal was returned to investors, and since inception, $46,660,500 in total principal has been returned to investors.

In essence, you’ll be able to invest in real estate from across the country with no hidden fees to start.  Investing in real estate has outperformed the Stock Market 2:1, and for those who are willing to get into the market but don’t have the capital to buy a house outright, RealtyShares all the sudden is an excellent solution for you!  It’s free to sign up and get started, perhaps making this service the easiest way to invest in real estate ever!

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