Getting rid of stuff? OfferUp is the solution

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Second-hand buying and selling are becoming more popular over the past decade.  OfferUp is a terrific option for those who are not interested in the aesthetics of buying new.  Here are some of the pros and cons of the app.

How it competes with other second-hand applications

OfferUp utilizes Facebook probably better than Facebook Marketplace itself.  The marketplace there hasn’t been much of success regarding a quality selection of goods.

sell your couch
Sell your couch on OfferUp

Craigslist has grown into a massive business and is still a decent option to get rid of products (with much caution).  Because safety is a concern, OfferUp has almost figured out how to a few security aspects in dealing with selling used products. OfferUp is a more publicized version of craigslist without the discomfort.

  • Identity confirmed with a license to increase profile sales
  • Facebook linking gives you a face to the item

With these two linked to your profile, you are less likely to be viewed as a potential fake profile, or worse someone who is trying to sell anything other than the product you want to buy.

Best purposes for OfferUp

  • Selling used goods without having to ship them
  • Products are linked to your profile; thus you could have people interested in more than one item
  • Buying products through OfferUp can involve negotiation, leading to a lower price
  • Link a digital pay option to avoid dealing with cash

Safety is still a concern

One thing you do get with buying online, in general, is that your product arrives at the door within a few days time, and the transaction is done.  Whereas with any other sort of used good trade, you might have to do some work.  The first thing you still should do is make sure the person involved in any transaction is real, and that you meet in public.  For other safety tips for second hand selling through OfferUp, go here.


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