Easy to Apply Online Insurance Companies

Looking for a quick way to sign up for insurance?  These days not only can you sign up for coverage within a few clicks but you’ll find a decent array of offerings online including Life, Car, Home, and other insurance partners.  Find an online insurance policy if you are self-employed, or supplement your life insurance even if you have a full-time job with it.

Auto / Car Insurance


If you drive every other day, or not that much at all, you may want to consider a pay as you go car insurance company like Metromile.  Metromile will bill a proper car insurance quote based on the miles you drive!  Hook up your car with a Metromile issued device, and you’ll be off and running (driving) in no time!  Metromile is only available in select states, but if you are eligible it’s worth taking a look!

Metromile logo


Like Metromile, Esurance was able to institute a pay as you go policy available only in select areas.  Although you can still find decent rates from Esurance for your car’s insurance directly online.  No need to visit an Insurance salesperson!


Does your significant other complain of driving too slow on the interstate? Have a knack for using the turn signals at every turn, even when no one is nearby? If this reminds you of someone you know, then that person is likely a safe driver!

The traditional insurance provider offers significant benefits for your safe driving, even giving you checks for staying accident-free.

allstate safe driver

Another advantage of Allstate would be their New Car Replacement plan. Should an insured person wreck their two-year-old or less auto, you receive a replacement.  Sure there’s the Gecko, the General, the Farm, and the Peyton Manning, but Allstate is not to be forgotten amongst competitors.  Check out a new quote, and see if there are some money saved for you and your family.


I’ve saved a bunch of money by switching from Progressive to Geico car insurance.  Not just a pun based on the Gecko’s funny commercials, Geico offers competitive monthly rates when it comes to car insurance.

Life Insurance

Ladder Life

Life insurance that is provided by your employer may not even cover the cost of a funeral.  Luckily there are a few options like the one found at Ladder Life.  You can very quickly apply to Ladder Life and get Life insurance within 5-10 minutes.  Enter in the applicable information, and you’ll have a plan that will suit you.


Like Ladder Life you’ll find a similar business model with Meet Fabric, although with this one you’ll also be able to add and complete your own Will seamlessly!

Fabric Approval

Renter’s Insurance


Renter’s insurance is required by many landlords to protect the interest of their tenants.  Although it’s an extra charge in the mind of the renter, having your furniture and other items protected is a nice blanket to have in case of robbery, natural disaster, or other instance.  You can easily apply for affordable renter’s insurance in some areas, even going as far as texting with an agent and getting insured within 5-10 minutes using Lemonade Insurance.

Lemonade Chat
Instant Home and Renter’s Insurance with Lemonade


The Gecko also redistributes renter’s insurance at an affordable cost, although the smaller the quote the lesser the protection you’ll get on your place.

Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance

Get protected when you travel abroad to foreign countries.  You may think this is just an extra charge but it’s not.  Many stories of robbery and failed travel itineraries tell otherwise.  Allianz is a reputable company that will help secure your trips wherever they may be (domestic or international)

Pet Insurance


Injuries and sickness happen to your beloved pets as well so it’s best to ensure them whenever an issue may arise.  PetPlan is one of the biggest providers of Pet Insurance out there and could help supplement the cost of a major operation or medication that is needed for your pet.

Pet Plan Dog Insurance

Pet’s Best

An alternative to PetPlan offering a decent amount of options covering your pets.  You can easily apply online and have insurance for your pet, but make sure your veterinarian can utilize these types of plans beforehand.  (In most cases you can find providers using the insurance’s website themselves)

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