Should I Order Groceries Online?

Groceries are becoming pricey these days.  It’s no wonder that so many people resort to clipping coupons and other crazy methods.  Luckily, we’re just as crazy!  We have some ideas that will save you when you shop in person.

Apps (and Services) That Save You On Groceries

  1. The Flipp App –  We cannot stress how great this app is.  Throw out your paper trails and follow the Flipp app to find all of your local shopping flyers under one roof.  Yes, you can even highlight the items you want to buy!
  2. Ibotta – Find rebates on items you may have purchased and redeemed them for cash on this app.  You can also use Checkout 21, a competitor in this space, so if you are looking to expand on this idea, there you go.
  3. American Express Blue Card Cash Back Preferred – This one requires not only great credit but discipline.  Credit cards are not for everyone.  This American Express card will get you a whopping 6% cash back on every Grocery Shopping visit.  (Walmart and Target are not included in the 6%)
  4. Walmart Savings Catcher – This little-known feature on is a fantastic tool if you have the time.  Just scan your Walmart purchase receipt, and the site will compare the flyers in your area and refund you the difference if they find a lower price elsewhere!
  5.  Google search for a local grocery store coupon site – A blog like IHeartPublix, will display exclusive insider tips and deals at a grocery chain like Publix.  Look up your favorite store and add “blog” or “Coupon Site” to the end of it, and you may find a passionate grocery blogger.

Getting groceries is a pleasurable experience for many, and now with these ways to save money, you’ll probably be even more excited to walk down those aisles.

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    What If I Want to Buy Groceries Online?

    So what’s the difference when buying groceries online versus in-store?  The obvious one:  CostBecause you are not only presenting a tip for the driver/delivery person, online grocery services will upcharge most items to protect them from price changes.  Now that we have that out of the way…Let’s take a look at a few of these services.


    One of the most popular choices ever, this one offers delivery from most supermarket chains and in some instances Retail chains as well.  The catalog of products, in our experience, was never out of date and always offered sales on items.


    Partnering up with Target, earlier in 2018, this delivery service has competed directly with Instacart and offers some pretty steep discounts.  Plus, occasionally this service provided an American Express deal, where you’d get money back if you ordered through an AMEX.  (No longer active)


    Popular in the Northeast and Midwest, Peapod works with only a few supermarkets but boasts friendly drivers and availability.

    Amazon Fresh

    Probably the most popular one to date is Amazon Fresh.  With the new installation of Whole Foods products, Fresh is an excellent option for those who don’t have the time but want a more comprehensive selection of organic products at their disposal.

    Bonus: Postmates

    Little do people know, that Postmates is a delivery service for many things including Retail products.  Typically when you think of Postmates, you think of Take Out Delivered, but Postmates has options for Starbucks, CVS, Walgreens, and a few other unusual delivery partners.

    Common Question:  What Do I Tip?

    Like most delivery services it’s nice to leave a tip but not always required.  Amazon Fresh recently installed a tip selection, even for when a delivery driver drops off the stuff at your door.  It’s common to leave 10%-15% or $5-$15 for typical grocery delivery.

    One instance we had with Peapod is that they brought the delivery man inside to sign a receipt, so you’ll probably have the social pressure to leave a tip.  The drivers of Peapod continue to be friendly and have been right on time when we tested them during our period in Chicago, so tips are suggested!

    Benefits of Ordering Online

    Here are some valid reasons:

    1. No impulse buying – Typically you walk into a store, you are more prone to buying stuff you might not need
    2. Driving – Though a market could be within walking distance, if you are loyal to a particular market far away, this could end up costing more time and money
    3. Time – Having groceries delivered to you is a time saver more than a money saver.  For some, grocery shopping is a daunting task if you have a large family for example.
    4. Consistency – Having time and place to deliver groceries sets a budget

    Side Hustle Idea:  Become a Grocery Shopper / Delivery Person

    Demand is at an all-time high for delivery of groceries and other goods.  Since we are in the sharing economy, expect these opportunities to exist!  These companies are hiring delivery people now!

    • Postmates (Use a Bike!)
    • DoorDash
    • Instacart
    • Shipt

    Have a unique experience or saving tip having to deal with grocery shopping?  Let us know with a comment below!

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      • Sarah Saverdink
        Posted July 22, 2017 at 12:23 am 0Likes

        My main concern with ordering groceries online is the quality of the produce. What was your opinion on that? I’m that annoying customer that spends 2 minutes picking out the perfect apples or searching for the packaged lettuce with the furthest out use by date 🙂

        • Todd @ MoneyHax
          Posted July 22, 2017 at 12:32 am 0Likes

          That’s a good point also. I think when you order online it’s for short term use, whereas I’d say if you were looking for produce and meat, the best route still is local markets.

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