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Save Money in Orlando

Planning a family getaway at the famous destination, Orlando, Florida, will cost you money and there are not many ways around that.  But use these tips, and you’ll find that you can save a bunch of cash that others may have missed.  Here’s how to save money on your Orlando Vacation!

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Low Crowd Days

Standing in line for as long as three full hours to ride a 5-minute ride, might not be ideal for families who want to experience most of the parks at the Disney World Parks.  You are in luck!  We have partnered up with a company, the Undercover Tourist, and they provide a low crowd calendar.  We’ve written about this hack before, and using it to your advantage could give you the experiences you want to have!  Included in this calendar will provide days for the other Orlando destinations, including Universal Studios.

Grocery Delivery

Staying on premises in the Disney World and at Universal Studios could cost you a bit more than just outside of it. Either way, consider utilizing grocery delivery.  Amazon Fresh, for example, offers a wide variety of food and drinks options to fill your refrigerator and cabinets.  Since you can create your own delivery time, you can plan on when to send the groceries to your stay.  Find out great ways to save on groceries online and avoid falling fortouristyy Leaky Cauldron Menu at Harry Potter World.

Travel Credit Cards

Responsible credit card use, like paying off your monthly balance, is recommended here at MoneyHax.  If you do this, you can earn incredible benefits.  Most of the time, credit cards will reward users for using their card during a specified period, and once you’ve done that you could earn a bonus!  For example, see how the Barclaycard Arrival Plus received a free trip to SeaWorld.  You’ll find this card, along with several other travel credit card bonus offers here.

Vacation Home Rentals

If you like to shop around for the best hotel, consider using someone’s home for your stay instead.  You can even rent out a house and bring more than one family, like a family reunion, and have everyone chip in on the final cost.  You’ll experience everything a resort has to offer but possibly lower price.  Make sure to shop around and check for cleaning and reservation fees. Sites to find home rentals include:

Tips from bloggers and influencers

Imagine if you lived in Orlando and loved the experiences Disney has to offer almost every day.  Well, for a select few this is a reality!  Follow several influencers who go to Disney and experience the parks on a weekly, even daily basis to find unique tips that they have uncovered.  Want to learn more from these influencers?  Here are a few we have seen!

  • TimTrackr
  • Inside The Magic
  • Disney Food Blog
  • Orlando Informer

There are also many free things to do in Orlando, like walking around Universal CityWalk after park hours (parking becomes free) or walking around the International Drive area.  Have a unique Orlando Saving Tip? Comment via our social network pages, and we’ll look to add it to this post!

Live in Orlando?  See why listing your home on Airbnb is a great money-making option!

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