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This Reddit Sub Will Entertain You for Hours

For those who like to be a part of a community, you may have heard of Reddit, the web’s largest forum online.  There you’ll find categories on your favorite topics like Star Wars, for example, or Sewing.  In each subcategory, or sub for short, you’ll find topics relative to that category.  For example, in the […]

Amazon Snagshout

App that gives you Amazon Promo Codes for Huge Discounts

Love shopping on Amazon?  Good thing you are not alone.  With the recent acquisition of Whole Foods and several other brands, the brand will continue to grow in years to come.  One may ask, “will there be ways to save in the future with them?”  Well, one company is looking to expand on Amazon savings, […]

Top Items at the Wawa Stores

Famous in the Northeastern area just outside of Philadelphia, Wawa was a place where you could buy coffee and sandwiches at an affordable price.  As years passed by, and loyalty to the store, many of its customers moved South East to Florida, and thus a new wave of Wawa shops arise.  For those unfamiliar, Wawa […]

Checking Featured

Check Yourself: The Basics of a Bank Check

We’ve all been there. Waiting in line at the grocery store after a long days work and all the sudden when you are ready to place your groceries on to the conveyor belt, the person in front of you pays with a check. Although it may seem like a waste of time, using a check […]

Single's Day

What is Single’s Day (11.11)?

You’ve probably heard of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Shopping Rushes.  Have you heard of the newest shopping spectacle, Single’s Day?  The famous shopping day is celebrated overseas, particularly in the Asian Market, the originating area of the Holiday. What does Single’s Day Symbolize? The Single’s Day refers to someone being alone, or most […]