Score a Free Entree at Panda Express! (Every Time)

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If you’ve dined or taken out Panda Express, the Asian Restaurant Chain, then you may have missed an opportunity for a free meal!  Next time you order, take a look at your receipt!

Panda Express

Survey for a Meal

Many companies are willing to give a free meal, drink, or appetizer for honest feedback.  Companies probably feel that with some incentive, you’ll likely be honest, but willing to give the restaurant or place another shot in doing so.

Little Caesar’s for example, offers a survey for a chance to win $15,000  each month!

Panda Express offers a similar function, but in return, you get a free meal (for one).  To do so, you’d first have to order something and obtain a receipt.

Once you do, check the top area of the receipt for a four to five digit store number that you’ll enter at Panda Express Feedback (

Panda Express Store
See Store Number Example here

Take advantage of this simple offer whenever you dine with Panda Express!

Interested in more honest feedback and opinion opportunities?

Earn Money just by giving your opinion just like at Panda Express with Swagbucks!


  1. This is worth sharing because the digit store number is usually ignored by many. I think with this information one can feel the benefit of honest feedback.

  2. I am a big fan of Panda Express. I heard about this deal before and have read about it at the bottom of my receipt, but I have yet to take advantage of it. I’m embarrassed to admit that! Definitely a good option for those who are in a Panda Express frequently.

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