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A new wave of smart insurance companies is appealing to the millennial and sharing economy crowd.  We already covered one in Lemonade, a home and renters insurance company that will text with you to find the lowest possible insurance rate.  With these technological improvements within the insurance field, it’s no wonder that you can now pay as you go with car insurance using the new Metromile car insurance company.


Here are some reasons why you should “Pay As You Go”

  • UBER Driver?  Pay for the work you do, not a flat fee!
  • Short Commute to work?  Be insured when you do happen to drive.
  • Work From Home?  Be insured whenever you do travel
  • Quantify all of those miles you do drive so you can effectively budget
  • Just want an alternative to typical car insurance and see what kind of offers they have

Metromile is ideal if you do not drive your car around too often or have a short commute.  We would expect to grow with the remote/co-working spaces, and remote working capability.

How to Get Started…Really

Getting started with Metromile seems like something a bit more complicated than going the traditional car insurance route, i.e Geico.  But it’s straightforward to get started with Metromile.  All you need is your car information and traditional car insurance documents like your Driver’s License.  Plus, there’s no harm in getting an insurance quote from Metromile!  Once you sign up, you’ll be able to track mileage using their car plugin adapter (seen above).  Plug that into the driver’s console (found in most cars), and you are off and tracking your insured mileage.  Plus, Metromile boasts free roadside service and quick serving customer service.

Keep in mind that Metromile only services several states including New Jersey, Illinois, California, Oregon, Washington State.  They are growing in popularity though, so keep your eyes peeled for the possibility of Metromile in your area!


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