Ways to Save at Publix Supermarkets

If you think Shopping is a Pleasure then you probably shop for groceries at Publix Supermarkets, found mostly in the South Eastern portion of the USA.  There you’ll find high-quality grocery items like Deli from Boar’s Head, Vegetables, and locally sourced Fruit.  Popular for its customer service and submarine sandwiches, Publix is a staple in most households in the area.  Some people even say the sandwiches are unmatched by competitors (even Wawa).   With stiff competition from Target and Wal-Mart, there are still ways to save over the giant superstores by going into Publix.

Presto!  Time to Save at Publix


Buy One Get One Free is a very popular discount at Publix, with exciting options from Oreo cookies to your favorite Frozen Pizzas.  Stay ahead of the curve by going to the Publix website and heading straight to their weekly ad.  Yes, you can even sort by the BOGO offers!

BOGO at Publix
Here’s Just One BOGO

Discounts Everywhere!

Walk around the store, and you’ll notice saving signs wherever you shop down the aisle.  Keep an eye on them, as there are plenty of these changing weekly!  Another idea could be to buy generic Publix brand groceries and supplies.  In many cases, quality is not all too different from major brands!

Publix BOGO


The Publix Website and App

It’s a good idea to check the weekly ad every week for new specials (introduced every Thursday), but the best way to get ahead is to go to their website.  Not only will you find their weekly ad but several other essential savings opportunities including their Digital Coupons

Digital Coupons work through your phone number, make sure you create a Publix User Account here, and then you’ll be able to go to their Digital Coupon section to find additional money saving opportunities!  At the cash register, before you insert your credit/debit card, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number.  If you’ve applied Digital Coupons to your account (with your phone number involved), the discounts will automatically be applied!

The Weekly (Circular) Ad

Looking for that Publix Circular Ad, but don’t want to waste paper??  You’ll be pleased to know that there are multiple ways of finding the most recent deals within your neighborhood, including the favorite supermarket, or even Best Buy.  Using the app Flipp, you’ll be able to not only see the latest weekly ads for Publix but most, if not all of the major stores in your area.

Using the Flipp App to Find Publix Ads

Flipp is an app readily available for the PC, Mac, or Smartphone Stores like iOS and Android.  Here’s what you’ll need to do to pull up the latest Publix Circular Ad:

  • Download the App Flipp here
  • Enter in your locations Zip Code (or let Flipp Find it)
  • Search for Publix, or any other store you prefer
  • Find the latest Publix Circular Weekly Ad with Ease!!
Flipp Search Box

Note that Search Box!! You can enter anything in there, include specific products or stores!!

Order Your Deli / Sandwich Orders Online!

It’s always a good idea to order your sandwich before you get to Publix as there will almost certainly be a line in the deli come lunch and dinner time.  Save a whole lot of time by ordering your Publix Subs online using their app or website.  You can customize your sub just like you would in person, but it’ll be waiting for you in the designated Pre-Order area when you arrive!

I Heart Publix!

We love to save, and while we’d rather keep you here for all of the saving opportunities, you may just find a better place when it comes to Publix Shopping.  The blog IHeartPublix.com scours the stores every day for unique saving opportunities and coupons.

publix bagger
Publix does have friendly employees!

Finally, you betta try ibotta

Download the app ibotta to find cash back redemptions opportunities including beer, wine, cheeses, fresh fruit, and more.  Download the app, find eligible products, buy them, and scan your receipt through the app to claim your cash!

Did You Take a Look at Your Receipt?

If you’ve recently shopped at Publix, you’ll be able to enter sweepstakes for $1,000 in Gift Cards!

How To Enter Publix Survey

You won’t need much to enter the $1,000 sweepstakes survey.  But here are some general rules to follow:

  • Must have purchased something and had Survey Info on it!
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Take 10 Minutes of your time to answer the survey questions
  • That’s it!

Below is a receipt we’ve received just by checking out two items:

Publix Survey Receipt

Note the Store Number Survey Code.  Both of these will be important to enter on the PublixSurvey.com website!

Publix Survey Code
Enter Survey Store and Codes HERE!

Do People Actually Win This Kind of Stuff?

The answer is: absolutely!  You’ll be entered in monthly sweepstakes here but your odds are MUCH better than entering in a state-run lottery for example.  In fact, even at PublixSurvey they’ll tell who has won the sweepstakes recently!

Publix Winners
To be announced…will it be you?!

Do you know of any other ways to save at Publix Supermarkets?  Let us know with a comment below!

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