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Smart Spending

As technology has become an essential part of our lives, Cell Phones act as an extension of who we are.  We check our emails, texts, social networks every hour, minute, or even second.  It’s no wonder that we love to invest so much money into our cell phones.  But as cell phone technology increases, does the importance of operating with a cell service matter more?  The answer depends on what you need.  If you are always connected to Wi-Fi or have no problem waiting a few extra seconds for the latest funny gif to load, then perhaps a Bring Your Device Plan makes way more sense financially than getting into any cell phone contract.

Don’t Get Roped Into a Phone Contract

Signing up for the latest Apple iPhone, for example, will cost you money…lots of it.  But attaching the financing with a cell phone contract is an absurd deal.  Imagine this; the latest phone is released, and yet, you are still paying off a phone that was considered top of the line almost two years ago.  Sure you can pay it off, but you may be subject to early cancellation or other related charges.  Buying the phone outright through a retailer isn’t such a bad idea if you have the money, but the fact is, that technology always changes so make sure to pick what can hold you off for at least a year or so.  iPhones and Samsung Galaxy are two expensive choices, but there are other options out there that will surely be worthy of your purchase including:

  • OnePlus Phones
  • Motorola
  • The Re-launched Nokia Line
  • Xiaomi
  • Huawei

What Exactly is a BYOD Plan?

Most carriers worth through cell towers.  You know, those massive metal towers that may be nearby.  Well, perhaps Sprint operates out of one, or possibly AT&T.  Either way, your cell provider uses these towers to transmit whatever you are doing, whether that be data or voice calling.

Secondary Cell service providers like Straight Talk are actually a reseller of TMobile and AT&T cell services, and it’s likely that others are doing the same exact thing!

Here is a list of some incredible BYOD Cell Services worthy of a look!

  • Republic Wireless (Sprint Reseller)
  • Twigby (Sprint Reseller)
  • Straight Talk (AT&T Reseller)
  • Virgin Mobile USA (Sprint Reseller)
  • Cricket Wireless (AT&T Reseller)
  • Mint Mobile (T-Mobile Reseller)
  • Project FI (Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T)
  • Xfinity Mobile (Verizon Reseller)

Each of these services comes with unique selling points.  Cricket, for example, you don’t need to worry about paying taxes since you’ll be spending one flat fee for every month.  Again most of the providers here offer no contracts, and it’s per month service!

Recommended Choice: Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless works with you regarding finding the best plan.  If you want unlimited texts and calls, its $15 per month.  Get 5GB of data for $5.  You can easily track how much data you’ve used through the downloadable app they have, and it’s super easy to sign up.

Republic Wireless also takes growth and innovation seriously.  They’ve recently introduced a new way to stay connected to your family through their “Relay” device.  Give each child their one button phone that acts as an extension of your cell plan.  If the child or person needs to connect with you, it’s just one button away!


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