How to Request Free Stickers from Companies

Ever wonder why those hipster cars typically car an Apple logo on the rear window with pride?  People are loyal to companies since they may represent them in some sort of way.  When someone orders a fancy product like a brand new Apple MacBook Pro, Apple may include a sticker alongside it so they can show off the brand to their friends.  Plus…it’s free advertising!

How to Request Free Stickers from Companies!!

Looking to represent some other companies brands?  Here are some of the Free Stickers we’ve found from other companies!

How to score them?  Each company may be different so keep that in mind!

1:  Over Under Clothing

For those with love of hunting and dogs Over Under is a fairly well-known brand that offers Free Stickers!  All you have to do is email them and you’ll likely receive one!  Sweet!

2:  Zumiez

Retro and appealing to the younger crowd Zumiez offers apparel and shoes for those who want an edgier look.  They offer Free Stickers if you send them Mail…not Email, actual postage mail.  You can send the request here:

Zumiez, Inc.
Free Stickers
4001 204th Street SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036

3:  Billabong

Popular for surfing and skateboarding, Billabong has been around a while now and it’s got its fair share of the market.  They don’t’ necessarily advertise Free Stickers but this company does offer them.  You just have to reach out to them via customer support!

4:  Sperry

Love boating…or are you simply a preppy?  Sperry has been known to be one of the top quality producers of boat shoes and alike.  They offer Free Stickers online, so go ahead and jump in the water.

5:  Cotopaxi

Recycled material and outdoor accessories are Cotopaxi’s main focus.  With a popular fanbase, little do they know they offer free stickers of their mascot:  The Llama!

6:  Osprey

If you are a hiker of any kind, Osprey has been in your sights for offering backpacks with and without hydration kits.  They offer stickers as well!

7:  Patagonia

Yeesh!  It seems like these outdoor companies sure do love to give out free stickers!  Patagonia is another popular outdoor apparel and accessories company that does as well!

8:  Annie’s Homemade Organic Products

Dipping our toes into organic food, Annie’s is one the more popular brands supplying stuff like Organic Mac and Cheese and snacks.  No it’s not Auntie Anne’s the Pretzel company!  We wouldn’t want to lick their stickers though!

9:  Moosejaw

Back we are into the outdoor stores and Moosejaw.  Though we couldn’t find their free sticker page they do offer digital stickers, which is a different take on the whole sticker thing.

10:  Dakine

Popular for surfing, Dakine offers some sweet apparel.  They don’t have an online page for submitting free stickers but they do in fact send them via postage mail here:


Attn: Sticker Request

603 Portway Ave

Hood River, OR 97031

11:  YETI

Offering premium water coolers and camping gear YETI has a huge following.  While most of their brand named stickers are actually for sale here, they may be able to score you one if you have purchased one of their products.  Reaching out via social media (Facebook, Pinterest) is a good idea if you can convince them you’ll show it off!

12:  Freezer Labels

Here’s a unique one!  Like the idea of attaching labels inside your freezer for particular products and food?  Freezer labels is a smaller company that offers a sample of their sticker (or label if you wanna get technical about it!)

13:  In-N-Out Burgers

Oddly enough this franchise has a following, cult or not cult.  Popular for delicious burgers, they don’t advertise stickers, but they’ll get you one if you ask…and eat at their restaurants.

14:  Backcountry

We don’t know if there’s some kind of animal vibe going on with these outdoor companies, but Backcountry also sports an animal mascot (like Cotopaxi), and oddly enough their Free Stickers are of their mascot…the Goat!

15:  Sticker You

Although this is a company that sells stickers in itself, they have a catalog of stickers available at request.  Head over to this page and order them!

There you have it!  Multiple companies offering something for free!

The Just Voted Sticker isn't the only free one out there (with a vote).  You can request stickers from many companies!  15 are inside!

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