Want to be just like me by hacking money and using the world of tech to boost my income and saving potential?  It takes dedication and commitment but I assure you it’s quite simple.  In fact, all I really do is look out for the best apps online and see if it’ll fit my current lifestyle.  Take a look at these amazing products I use, that you should try as well!

Tools we use and you should use too!

1:  Dosh

Simply link any debit or credit card and earn extra money locally.  There are many alternatives in this space, but Dosh remains to be in my smartphone the longest.  You’ll earn money back at popular places like Dunkin, and occasionally a big chain Gas Station as well.

Dosh Cash back FI

2:  BlueHost

Looking for an easy way to start a blog or website?  BlueHost is a highly respectable hosting company that will make it super easy for you to get started.  Start a blog just like MoneyHax for less than $100 a year.


3:  AskTrim

Your internet or cable bill is something that is always up for negotiation…yet not many people realize this at all.  In fact, any time I bring up the app Trim, and how it negotiates your internet bill automatically, people are amazing.  They only charge if the service works, so it’s essentially free money.

Trim Cable Bill

4:  Mint Mobile

The big cell carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile often build large cell towers near you.  The truth is that they also host several re-seller brands that utilize these towers without your knowledge.  Mint Mobile, for example, will utilize the popular AT&T cell towards for the same exact cell reception at a fraction of the cost.  In fact, they host a deal where it’s just $15 per month.  Yeah…we bet you’re paying more than that if you host an AT&T line.

Mint Sim Review

5:  Lemonade

We are currently renting our townhome in PA.  Renter’s insurance is likely required by most states and managed properties.  It’s there to protect not only the manager of the apartment or condo you are renting but you as well.  Lemonade costs us just $5 per month and gives us up to $100000 in protection.  It’s amazing and if you are renting, you need to try this app.

Lemonade Insurance