Save Your Shopping RECEIPTS and Earn Money Back

There are several companies that revolutionize the way we think about earning money back for our purchases.  You can scan your Walgreens or Grocery receipt and gain potential cash back opportunities.  We think it’s totally possible to earn an extra $20-$50 a month if you choose products accordingly!


How to Scan Shopping Receipts to Earn Money

1:  ibotta

Ibotta isn’t a traditional cash back portal, where you’ll find merchants and cash back percentages, although yes they do offer this, their primary focus is cash back opportunities on specific products.  For example, you can earn money back on L’Oreal makeup or even beer purchases.

Ibotta Lay Chips Csah Back

Once you’ve downloaded the Ibotta app, you can scan for products.  If you have already purchased an item that offers the money back, you can browse your receipt and it’ll find it automatically for you!  You’ll note that the app works with most major chains including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Meijers.  You can link your loyalty cards as well to the app, so those Meijers Perks don’t go to waste, or use your Target REDcard and Cartwheel and look for stacking cash back opportunities.  Take Surveys, Earn Reward Codes, and more…you betta get on Ibotta today!

How Legit is the Ibotta App?

Ibotta is a very legit option to try out and backed by many popular merchants as a safe and easy way to earn extra money.  Think about it this way, ibotta makes money when you buy the products with cashback.  It’s an extra advertising and marketing tool for them to use, and it adds a similar value proposition like a coupon or promo code in the form of a scanned receipt into cashback!

Unique Value
Potential Impact
Ease of Use
Keep Your Receipt
Functional and Legit
If you grocery shop, there’s a good chance that Ibotta will eventually give you cash back for a purchase. Whether it’s worth the time and effort is another thing, because not all offers are relative to you.
Receipt Shopping

2:  Checkout 51

Acting almost identical to the way Ibotta works, Checkout 51 is an app clearly focused on the scanned receipt function and marketing tool.  It’s a good idea to utilize multiple apps like Checkout and ibotta so that you don’t miss out on additional receipt based cash back opportunities!

Additional tips on Checkout51:

  • PayPal Payout Available
  • Must Reach a Minimum of $20 Cashback
  • Thousands of Products Updated Weekly

checkout51 payout

With Checkout51 there are products rangings from paper goods to traditional Groceries!  As long as you have a receipt from a major retailer or grocery store you should earn cashback! (Below is a large list of applicable stores you can try these apps with)

3: Fetch Rewards

Yep, exactly the same model as both Checkout51 and Ibotta but with a twist.  Instead of earning cashback, you’ll earn reward points for scanning an individual receipt and if there’s a matching product they advertise on the app, you’ll earn points.  Points vary of course depending on each product, but you can easily stockpile points without having to select individual offers and having to worry about clipping them from an app much like the above two options do!

fetch rewards

4:  Receipt Hog

A combination of Fetch Rewards and Ibotta, you’ll earn points (which can be redeemed for PayPal Cash) by scanning in any receipt, no matter the products involved!  No need to clip, no need to worry about specific products!  Plus you’ll have options to earn additional points from:

  • Basic Surveys
  • Slot Machine Game
  • Connecting Apps like Amazon

One of the features that sets Receipt Hog apart from their competitors is the gamification part of it all.  With each scanned receipt (must be within 14 days of purchase), you’ll be eligible to play a Slot Machine game where you can earn points and prizes.  Don’t expect much from this feature but it’s a nice segway to keeping things organized.

receipt hog how it works

List of Major Grocery Stores Where Receipt Based Apps are Eligible (Can Change at any Time)

7 – Eleven
Dollar General Store
Dollar Tree Stores Inc
Family Dollar
Food Lion
Fred Meyer
Giant Eagle
Harris Teeter
Hy Vee
Jewel Osco
King Soopers
Market Basket
Pick ‘N Save
Price Chopper
Rite Aid
Sam’s Club
Save A Lot
Shop Rite

Stop & Shop
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods Market
Winco Foods
Winn Dixie

What is Cashback and How Does It Work?

Lot’s of people tend to flock to coupons and discounts rather than earning cash back.  You can shop at some of the web’s best cashback sites, or shop in person using a card linked app and earn money back seamlessly!  Though it may be confusing or unclear on how you earn cash back, the premise is straightforward.

  • Go to a cashback site or app
  • Look for the merchant
  • Locate their cash back percentage
  • Sign up, and click through on the link provided
  • Once purchased you’ll earn that advertised cash back

Rates vary from cashback site to cashback site, so you don’t have to be loyal to one, however staying in one place will bring up your balance quicker for payout.

Finally a Bonus Receipt Hack!

Did you know that most major retailers offer receipt surveys that reward amazing prizes like Cash Rewards and Gift Cards!  Restaurants and Stores offer surveys for discounts as well!

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