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Find Scrap Yards Near Me? Use iScrap!

Are you one of those people who noticed that you get 5 cents for every aluminum Coca Cola?  You’re probably a scrappy one aren’t ya (pun intended)

Scrap yards are likely near you, in fact, you may be within just a few miles of these plants.  These scrap plants typically buy and re-sell these metals for construction and manufacturing.

Yes, your recycled aluminum can be remade into something more productive!  Not just hipster art.

Find Scrap Yards Near Me by Using iScrap!

The app called iScrap will actually find local prices and scrap yards near you simple:  Using your location on the app and finding the availability of scrapping each metal you’d like!

copper iscrap app

Available on both iOS and Android, you’ll see the average selling price per scrap metal, and also post your nearby scrap yard’s selling points.

If interested, here’s a nice video that shows you how to start scrapping for beginners!

So which metals should you look for?


Copper is one of the more common metals found (found in Pennies, and lots of plumbing), and if you happen to partner up with a construction company, you’d find out many homes have this metal already inside them.  Because many homes and building require complete gutting and re-construction, Copper can be a constant metal you could build profit on.

copper price

See how much Copper is


Steel is also found in most homes and building but in this case, you’ll find them inside appliances and wiring.  Because appliances break often, you could also turn a business into appliance breakdown and scrapping!

For those interesting in scrapping steel, you should know you won’t get much for a few pounds, but if you can shred steel and bring it in by the ton, you can net yourself around $150 per ton!


If you are lucky to have found some brass metal near you, then you’ll be pleased to know it’s a top metal to scrap for a good value.  Objects that could contain brass include:

  • Musical Instruments (trumpet, saxophone, etc.)
  • Ammunition Casings
  • Electrical components (like PCB plugs)
  • Compasses and Barometers

According to iScrap, you can get this metal at approximately, $1.50 per pound!

Carbide (Tungsten)

If you are looking for the top revenue producer in scrap, then Carbide fits the bill.  Although depending on what you are actually doing to find the scrap, Carbide can be harder to find.  You can find Carbide in these products:

  • Rings
  • Knives
  • Studs for Tires
  • Some tools

Currently, you can net yourself $5-$6 per pound of Carbide (Tungsten) which is above the average for scrap!

Other Notes with Selling to Scrap Yards

Before you get all excited about your latest venture into selling scrap metal, there are a few important details you should know beforehand:

  • If sold, you’ll be paid via Check and not cash
  • Some states require a fingerprint to sell
  • You may need a form of Identification to sell
  • You may not be paid immediately as each yard may have its own verification procedure

Once again, we recommend you use iScrap to begin your journey into scrapping metal since it incorporates not only pricing but legal procedures and notifications as well!

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