See Through Walls with Walabot

See through walls with Walabot

Imagine, some wiring running behind your walls has short-circuited, but you don’t know exactly which one. You have to cut open the section for a grueling fifteen minutes only to discover that the wiring is just fine, while it is some other wiring in your wall that is giving you the trouble. Good luck guessing.

In another scenario, you are driving down an interstate while it’s pouring rain. You can’t gauge the speed of the vehicle right in front of you because of the torrential rains. Whether you slow down or maintain speed, it’s a steep valley of troubles on both the sides. What possibly can you do?

In both these cases, you could have prevented the frustration and disaster if you had a sensor to read the situation and help you take the right decision. Or to say, only if you had a Walabot, the first “see through walls app.”

To be elaborate, Walabot is a sensor system hardware platform that is composed of antennas (anywhere between three and eighteen) and an onboard processing unit that computes the data input sent by the sensors. Walabot can help you understand aspects of the physical environment around you.


You can attach your smartphone on a Walabot and let it do its job.

Walabot gives the power of environment sensing to an average Joe, who doesn’t need to carry sophisticated equipment around to read data. Let’s discover the possibilities that Walabot brings forth:

1) Sensors for Robots and Drones:

Usually, when drones and robots are built, the engineers have to code the sensor information in its processing units while integrating the necessary hardware on their motherboards. With Walabot, one just needs to attach a previously crafted sensor module, complete with its software and hardware, onto the robot/drone (except for code/software integration). This makes robots and drones actually autonomous and helps them overcome physical barriers and avoid dangers.

2) Looking Through Opaque Surfaces: This is when looking through a wall will come up in your mind and why not? With the above example, when there is a challenging repairing work at your helm, you cannot depend on raw guessing. Now just imagine, this feature of looking through and beyond opaque surfaces can be applied at so many levels in so many industries, especially defense, manufacturing, and maintenance. It has the potential to save thousands of dollars and priceless lives.

3) Automotive Radar System: The smallest error in anticipating the speed of a vehicle moving next to you can cost your life and limbs. Walabot, with its wide-band frequency waves, can detect vehicular speed in real time and offer near to accurate data. Couple this with some kind of an A.I application and you get a smart driving assistant that can help you tune the speed as required.

4) People Tracker: Crowd management is something that puts a lot of pressure on manpower resources and yet does not guarantee an efficient outcome. With Walabot, you can now track and sense movements of either individuals or crowds and the necessary decisions based on the data feedback.

And there are crazy possibilities of applications with Walabot.

If you are a developer and maker, you can check out the Walabot API that you can integrate with your code and create a mind-blowing software application for computers and smartphones.

Visit Walabot to learn more!

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