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If you have old stuff lying around, it’s time to consider trading or selling it.  Sure, you may have an emotional attachment, but when it comes down to it, the stuff you have may be worth real cash.  Favorite items range from clothing, electronics, even old video game boxes (not the actual game systems).  Think you have something?  Try these online destinations to get rid of your junk!

Cowboom Gazelle

Cowboom, which is now a Best Buy outlet, used to house old electronics, including used game systems and cell phones.  Currently, your best bet is Gazelle.  These guys offer a quick turn around for trading in your cell phone, should it still have value.  Because it’s so easy to use, you’ll have no problem finding out how much your electronics are worth.  Just pick out your model, condition, and agree on selling price.  Once you do, Gazelle will send you a box with shipping instructions and processing already included!


Much like Gazelle, Decluttr offers a similar premise.  Sell your used electronics like cell phones, books, and even CDs (what are those?!).  Surprisingly these guys will take LEGOs as well!

decluttr lego


The obvious one.  eBay offers full support for both Buyers and Sellers, and the marketplace is genuinely open to selling pretty much anything.  Don’t believe me?  Read more about how a ghost in a jar was sold.  The upside here is that if your product has a market, you’ll find a buyer here.  Keep in mind however that eBay’s fees do add up if you plan on selling more than one item.


Operating through an online marketplace much like eBay, this new competitor is intriguing.  Because Mercari almost acts as a middleman so to speak, payments will be brokered through them, without any fees.  You can sell a lot of things like Clothing, Vintage Wear, Sports, and Tech.  Though the market isn’t as big as some others, Mercari is a fresh approach to reselling used items.


Because of the ID verification and ability to pay digitally, OfferUp is an excellent alternative to a craigslist.  You can inquire, negotiate, and buy directly from the app before and after picking up the item.  One of the best features is the ID verification where you can commit to your profile by using a government-issued identifier making sure every seller or buyer is real.  Sure, you may opt out of this, or meet with an unverified seller, but there is added risk in doing so.

If you are about to move or to look to make some extra room in your closet, now’s the time to do so with these excellent services.

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