The Surprising Way Sears May Stay Alive

It wasn’t so long ago that we used to park near the mall anchor store, Sears, only to briefly shop and then go into the mall shortly after that.  Sears was a significant part of retailer culture from the 1900s to the mid-2000s.  What happened was simple:  Online business has taken over, and there was no room for Sears.  Still, we all know the brand name even if it may or may not disappear. For many, Sears was a meeting place to buy inexpensive clothing, apparel, accessories, or even tools and hardware.  Little do people know that Sears (along with Kmart) have been quiet on the e-commerce front, but are now ramping up efforts through a unique online service that may be good for the long run.

Ever Heard of Shop Your Way?

If you were a customer at Sear’s or Kmart, you might recall their loyalty program: Shop Your Way.  This loyalty program would allow you to purchase items with points earned through your loyalty (and previous purchases).  Now, Shop Your Way has evolved to enable you to earn points from other places like:

  • Sears (ones that are still around)
  • Kmart
  • Burger King
  • Popeye’s Chicken
  • Several of Your Local Restaurants

Operating much like DOSH, the automatic cash back app, Shop Your Way will link to your card and will give you points for your loyalty to these locations as well!  Plus, get points from Online stores like Ace Hardware, AliExpress and several hundred of others!

Shop Your Way’s Major Partner: UBER

It’s no secret that if the app wants to survive, it’ll need some significant value proposition.  Enter their exclusive UBER partnership.  By connecting to the favorite ride-sharing app, you’ll be able to earn $2 in points for Every Single Ride You Take with UBER.  If you live in a city or often travel Shop, Your Way has the value for you.

Redeeming Points

Another one of Shop Your Way’s significant points of interest is their redemption process.  This is where you will encounter the full Sear’s catalog of products and services.  When you’ve earned a $2 ride on UBER, for example, you’ll be able to redeem the $2 in their storefront, sporting thousands upon thousands of products that may suit your needs.  Unfortunately, as of now, there appears to be no way of extracting money directly, so the only way to redeem is to spend more on this catalog.

Shop Your Way Catalog

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