Become a Shopify Affiliate or Get Your Store’s Affiliate Program Working

Shopify is the web’s largest self-serve e-commerce platform.  With loads of customer service, tools, and upgrades it’s no wonder why people tend to flock to Shopify as a place to sell their products online.  People who have become successful using the platform could end up re-selling by entering the Shopify’s Affiliate Program.  Or perhaps you are just another Affiliate Marketer looking for an additional program to refer others to.  Either way, Shopify is a highly respect Affiliate Marketing Program that offers good commission and multiple managers to make sure you get the support you need.

Must Be a Shopify Partner First

Okay, so to recommend Shopify and receive commissions, you’ll first need to apply as a Shopify Partner.  No, the company no longer supports HasOffers (although they did use that software a while back). Straightforward information is needed, like other networks and programs like:

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Payment Information
  • Tax ID or SSN
  • Email and Website

For the most part, you will likely be approved to utilize the basic affiliate program.  If you have sold many Shopify stores in the past though, definitely look into an upgrade to refer others to the Shopify Plus program.  You’ll receive dramatically higher commissions!

Damn Look at That Commission!

Yeah, Shopify does indeed offer an impressive 200% Bounty (or Commission) for whatever sale you bring them.

Meaning if you refer a customer to a $49/mo plan, you’ll get $98.  (See Mom, I’m good at math).

Unfortunately, these aren’t recurring commissions, meaning the subscription won’t pay you monthly for each time your referral is with Shopify.  (Note:  One program that does that would be SEMRush).

Shopify Commission and Link

Note that you can copy the link directly from the “Affiliate Tools” area within Shopify Partners.  Everything else in the Shopify Partners area won’t necessarily help you within your affiliate marketing endeavors, but worth a peek!

Shopify vs. other E-Commerce Affiliate Programs

First, let’s take a look at some competitors of Shopify:

  • Woocommerce
  • Volusion
  • BigCommerce

These programs pay well, but you won’t find the backing nor the reactive crowd that Shopify has.  In essence, people know Shopify, and they don’t remember Volusion.  Sure Volusion is an excellent service, but you won’t get neat add-ons like Oberlo (Dropshipping).

Have a Shopify Store and Want an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Shopify’s team is dedicated to getting you the best marketing so that your product will sell.  Afterall, if you pay their fee every month, they stay in business.  This means that if you want to install Affiliate Marketing capability, you can do that with their help!  You can certainly add affiliate functionality including but not limited to:

  • Joining an Affiliate Network like ShareASale
  • Host Your Affiliate Program

Hosting your affiliate program takes a bit of technical skill, that’s why we recommend you ask Shopify for their support first.  (You’ll need to know about Pixel Firing and Shit like that)  One recommendation is working with a company like Refersion.  It’s a newer, cheaper company that offers network capability, yet is reasonably affordable compared to other Affiliate Networks!

Rfersion Affiliate Network Software

BONUS HACK: For those with the OBERLO Shopify Dropshipping Plugin!

Oberlo operates as an Aliexpress aggregator and takes products from there and adds them to your Shopify site for a small monthly fee.  Did you know that you can also integrate affiliate tracking into the app, so you earn a bit of commission for each sale as well?  Yep…that’s some deep stuff right there.  


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