Simple Ways to Earn Additional Income

Whether you are struggling to make ends meet or just would like to save up for your retirement, there are several ways you can increase your income without giving up your day job. From surveys to extra gigs, you can add an extra income with little or no effort. However, if you want a steady growth of your wages, you will have to create a long-term strategy. Below you will find a few tips on building skills that will leave you with more money in the bank.


If you have some language skills or are working as a teacher, have a degree you can use, you can offer to tutor some students. Even if you are not working in the industry, whatever you have learned can be a value and help you build wealth. Whether you are tutoring engineering students or teach Portuguese online, you can earn an extra few hundred dollars each month in just a few hours.

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    Remote Coaching

    You might be a business coach or a qualified personal trainer. Instead of seeking full-time employment in the industry, and settling for low compensation, you can recruit your clients, and offer remote one-on-one lessons and coaching. This method is cost-effective, and you will be able to provide more value than your local business advice center or gym.  

    Dog Walking

    If you want a cushy, well-paid, and profitable side gig, you will find that passing your free time by walking other people’s dogs. You can advertise your services on the internet or your local community board, social media, and get a bit of extra money every week while getting fresh air and exercise. You have nothing to lose if you try.  Two famous dog walking apps for easy sign up:

    House- Sitting

    Many people worry about break-ins and would be happy to pay you to watch TV in their house and park your car in the drive for a couple of hours. This is an easy job, and you will get the flexibility, so you don’t have to give up work at all. House-sitting, pet-sitting, or merely checking on houses for people worried about their valuables is a good way of increasing your income.

    Learning to Trade

    Stock Ticker

    If you are good with computers and have fast internet, you have several options to earn money; from completing surveys, taking part in focus groups, or learning how to increase your wealth by trading. Whether you opt for Forex or day trading, stock investments, you will need to find an experienced investor to follow. Check out Sykes for a comprehensive guide on how to start your successful investment business and make the most out of your income potential while eliminating the risks.  You could also try out the Robinhood app for Free Trading, an excellent place to start your trading experience.

    If you have limited chances for a career progression and promotion at your current workplace, but would like to stay in your employment, you can find some creative ways to increase your income without risking your future. The above ideas are easy to implement and will only cost you a few hours of free time every week.  

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