What is Single’s Day (11.11)?

Single's Day

You’ve probably heard of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Shopping Rushes.  Have you heard of the newest shopping spectacle, Single’s Day?  The famous shopping day is celebrated overseas, particularly in the Asian Market, the originating area of the Holiday.

What does Single’s Day Symbolize?

The Single’s Day refers to someone being alone, or most recently someone recently being together with someone (1 + 1, get it?).  Because a person may be newly attached to someone or even by themselves, treating themselves to a gift is popular on this date, for some reason.  Shopping wise, Alibaba made Single’s Day famous by offering higher value propositions (like discounts).  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a favorite domestically (within the US) but as other countries, like China, for example, strengthened their e-commerce sales revenue, Single’s Day acts an international shopping event.

Single's Day on Alibaba

Does Single’s Day Apply to the U.S. Shopping Experience?

Recently, many merchants like eHarmony are getting into the spirit, hooking in their dating slogan and connecting it with Single’s Day.  While we may have ourselves a handful shopping for presents on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, an additional designated shopping day was sure to be introduced to include more of an international presence.

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