Own Walmart (or Amazon) Stock for $5, or Just Give it as a Gift

Everyone these days is talking about Bitcoin and the potential for investment, but when it comes down to it, owning a piece of stock is like holding a part of a company you respect.  Walmart, for example, is a large company that offers stock to the public to purchase.  You can do this through several apps and marketplaces like Scottrade, Ally Invest, Robinhood, and a few others.  One company is looking to change the way you purchase stock.

Buy a Piece of Stock

Buying stock is often a complicated matter.  You have to sift through a few apps or selections and then make an excellent choice for the company you want to be invested in.  However, if you wanted to invest in a company like Amazon, it could cost you nearly $200-$500 just for a single share.  Prices can go up and down, left and right, more in return or less.

Stockpile or the other hand is a company looking to change the way you purchase stock for companies like Amazon and Walmart (just to name two).  For as little as $5 you can own a percentage of a single piece of stock, making it more affordable to own a piece of a company you’d like to invest in!

Stock Investing for Everyone!

Here’s How it Works

Stockpile works as a non-traditional stock trading app.  Unlike, for example, Robinhood, you pay for a portion of stock for as little as $5.  Here are some key points to using Stockpile:

  • 99c Per Stock Trade
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Available for Kids and Teens
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • You can Gift the Stock for special occasions
  • Account Secured by 128 bit Security (I think that means it’s super safe!)

Yes, We Have a Special Offer

Since we love Stockpile so much, we partnered up with them to give you $5 to invest right off the bat.

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Steveark 2018-01-04 22:52:37
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My brother and I each inherited 500 shares of Walmart stock, in the original printed certificates no less, a couple of years ago. I sold mine right away for $75 per share (almost $40,000) and put it in an index fund while he still has his. For two years I hassled him because it dipped and only recently recovered but now it is at $100 per share and his total value is the same as my index fund so he is the one laughing.