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Finding time to invest is a glorious problem to possess. Not many have the money or at least assume they don’t. If you have earned cash and have it sitting in a savings account and are considering taking on some risk, you should try automatic investments through stock trading.

The Efficient Option

A company like Betterment will be able to provide you, for a nominal fee, a great dashboard of your investment portfolio and what they will do to optimize your money. Transferring money to and from Betterment is simply fast and also tax efficient.  Set goals that are similar to conservative approaches, to aggressive campaigns, right from the dashboard.

Pricing wise they offer multiple options suiting your needs, like a digital option that takes .25% and a premium option where you can consult with a financial advisor more than once. This one costs .40%, however, does require a running balance of $100,000 investment dollars.

The Affordable Option

Those who do have the time to study the stock market along with the changes it involves, the next best option would be a traditional stock trading platform like Ally Invest, formerly TradeKing.  The beauty of the Ally Invest platform is that you can link it directly to your bank account, should you have an active Ally bank account.  The trades are low in cost, only $5 per trade, and the customer service has always been a strong point for the Ally brand, including their versatile online banking.

The Free Option

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Interested in stock trading for free?  Try Robinhood.  Robinhood although no cost upfront to the trader will take a little off the trading price in order to keep running, that being said it’s a great platform to begin your stock investment strategies if you plan on becoming an expert down the road.  Plus with the recent Cryptocurrency explosion, Robinhood has added the ability to trade Crypto Stocks at no additional charge!  Recently, Robinhood has decided to open up their Website to trading so you wouldn’t have to wait much longer to trade stocks on your PC!

For those unfamiliar with stock trading and investments, there are options readily available to get the best for your stock trading dollar, for more suggestions try heading over to our fellow comrades in content Reviews.com for more thorough investigation of these investment applications.


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