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Everyone these days is talking about Bitcoin and the potential for investment, but when it comes down to it, owning a piece of stock is like holding a part of a company you respect.  Walmart, for example, is a large company that offers stock to the public to purchase.  You can do this through several apps and marketplaces like Scottrade, Ally Invest, Robinhood, and a few others.  One company is looking to change the way you purchase stock by allowing you to dip your toes into larger companies like Amazon, Walmart, Disney, and more.  Let’s take a look at StockPile!

Buy a Piece of Stock

Buying stock is often a complicated matter.  You have to sift through a few apps or selections and then make an excellent choice for the company you want to be invested in.  However, if you wanted to invest in a company like Amazon, it could cost you nearly $200-$500 just for a single share.  Prices can go up and down, left and right, more in return or less.

Stockpile or the other hand is a company looking to change the way you purchase stock for companies like Amazon and Walmart (just to name two).  For as little as $5 you can own a percentage of a single piece of stock, making it more affordable to own a piece of a company you’d like to invest in!

Stock Investing for Everyone!

Here’s How it Works

Stockpile works as a non-traditional stock trading app.  Unlike, for example, Robinhood, you pay for a portion of stock for as little as $5.  Here are some key points to using Stockpile:

  • 99c Per Stock Trade
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Available for Kids and Teens
  • Available for Android and iOS (& Desktop!)
  • You can Gift the Stock for special occasions
  • Account Secured by 128 bit Security (I think that means it’s super safe!)

We Tested StockPile

After about a month and a half of StockPile usage, we found that the new service could potentially rival an app like Robinhood.  It’s super easy to buy, sell, and earn dividends.  Plus one of the major benefits is being able to add money via PayPal.  Other benefits include:

  • Super Fast Trading
  • No Need to Wait for Stock Market to Open/Close
  • Gifting Stock is Super Easy and Unique
  • Transferring via PayPal, a nice touch
Easy Transactions

Everything in Stockpile is easy to read and work with

Yes, We Have a Special Offer

Since we love Stockpile so much, we partnered up with them to give you $5 to invest right off the bat.

Free $5 to Invest


Free $5 to spend on Stocks!
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    Steveark 2018-01-04 22:52:37
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    My brother and I each inherited 500 shares of Walmart stock, in the original printed certificates no less, a couple of years ago. I sold mine right away for $75 per share (almost $40,000) and put it in an index fund while he still has his. For two years I hassled him because it dipped and only recently recovered but now it is at $100 per share and his total value is the same as my index fund so he is the one laughing.