Survey Junkie Review: Fill Out Easy Surveys and Earn Money

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Survey Junkie Review - Take Surveys Earn Money
Survey Junkie
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Earn Money Taking Easy Surveys
*Probably* the best Survey Taking Site
Taking surveys for extra cash is not a new money making venture online. Don’t expect a ton of money doing them, but Survey Junkie makes it easy. Perhaps, the easiest of all the survey taking sites around!
Take Surveys and Earn Money

You can quickly earn money online through various survey companies.  Swagbucks and MyPoints are ones we have briefly written up about before, but there’s another company looking to focus solely on survey taking, eliminating the other aspects of reward points like Watching Videos or Playing Games.  Survey Junkie is the perfect place for those who want to earn a bit of side cash by taking a few surveys and making money.  Sure, you may have to take several dozen surveys for the money to add up to something worthwhile, but taking surveys is…well easy!

Survey Junkie’s Interface

Once you sign up to Survey Junkie, you’ll be introduced to survey options right away.  While we don’t know for sure, each survey may help the company send you more surveys after you take them.  For example, once you fill out a general survey like where you are from or gender, they may submit a survey about sports or jewelry.  Taking these surveys through Survey Junkie is easy and straightforward.

Surveys for Money

Survey Junkie Dashboard

For each survey, you earn points along the way.  We’ve found out that 100 points are the equivalent to 1 Dollar.  So if you’ve made 1000 Points, you have enough for 10 Dollars.

Surveys Keep Popping Up!

At Survey Junkie, they’ll send you surveys whenever they come ready by sending you emails.  You can always check the dashboard for additional surveys, and if you don’t stay on top of it, it’s still good to check the panel.  We love the feature where you’ll be able to tell how much time it takes for a single survey since time is precious after all.

quick survey

The Questions Aren’t Difficult

Once you’ve been assigned to a survey for points, taking the survey is even more comfortable than you think with questions that shouldn’t take too long to answer.  The survey question below, for example, is pretty simple: “Which Survey’s Do You Prefer to Take?”  If we had to answer, we’d pick Online Surveys, but the more options you choose here, the more surveys may open up to you!

medley survey

Redeeming is also easy

Once you’ve earned your 1000 points you can redeem it for cash via PayPal or Gift Cards.  We’ve tested Swagbucks, MyPoints, and Survey Junkie and this option is super easy to check out with money in your bank in as little as 2-3 Business Days!

If you are looking for easy surveys to make quick cash, Survey Junkie is our recommendation.  With tons of options and an easy to use interface, you’ll be earning side cash consistently!

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Take Surveys and Earn Money With Survey Junkie

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