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TalkToWendys / Wendys Wants To Know

We love taking brief surveys here at MoneyHax, it’s a simple and straightforward process, and the rewards are just a few clicks and typed words away.  Wendy’s is a fast food joint located primarily within the US, specializing in Burgers, Frostees (milkshakes), and Chicken Sandwiches.  Started by the famous Dave Thomas, the square hamburgers grew onto the US customer base within the 80’s and 90’s and evolved into what it is today.  Wendy’s just like many restaurants offer a sweet deal if you provide feedback to their TalkToWendys website.

Talk To Wendys – How To Get Started

Once you’ve finished an order at any Wendy’s, you’ll receive a receipt for your transaction.  All the information needed to score a Free Dave’s Single or Chicken Sandwhich is on the receipt!

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You can now TalkToWendy!

Have your receipt in front of you and head to or both are the same site so no need to worry.  You’ll need information on your receipt like:

  • Time and Date of Purchase
  • Restaurant Number (Located on Top of Receipt)
  • That’s it!
TalkToWendys Interface
Enter Your Information at

Other Important Info!

As a general rule, you’ll need to be 18 years of age or old to fill out these types of forms.  Plus you’ll have to use the offer within 30-60 days of receiving what is known as the promo code.

So once you’ve completed the TalkToWendys feedback survey, go ahead and fill out the pin code on the back of your receipt.  Write it on the receipt and hand it back to the cashier for the Free Chicken or Dave’s Single Sandwich…with a purchase of another sandwich.

Back of Receipt TalkToWendys
Write down Validation Code at WendysWantstoKnow/
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