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For those who prefer red over blue, at least in the superstore approach, you’ll be pleased to find that Target offers their shoppers unusual and engaging ways to save at their online and brick and mortar stores.  Use these tips, and you’ll end up saving not only massive amounts of money over time, but you’ll have fun doing it!

Cartwheel App

If you haven’t already done so, you should use this app to save at Target.  Once Cartwheel is loaded into your Android or iOS smartphone you’ll see products available for discount.  Cartwheel is now automatically installed when you download the Target app.  

Once ready, select the products manually after looking through your list, or better yet, scan the product at the store and see if there is a discount available on the app!  Note: You’ll see on the app that generic Target brands like Simply Balance are usually put on the app.  Take advantage!

cartwheel app selections

Target’s Red Card

With zero fees on both the credit and debit options for the Target Red Card, you’ll get 5% discounted on every purchase at Target.  Use Target.com?  Get the discount there in addition to free shipping on a lot of items plus an extra 30 days for returns!

Ibotta and Earny

We wrote about ibotta on our ways to save at the grocery store, but these types of apps also apply to significant chains as well!  Download the app, scan the receipt, and see if there are relevant products for cash back.  With Earny, they will scan for price changes when you hook up your Target.com email to the app, once they find a price change, they’ll give you most of the modification back into your wallet!


This fantastic app will find your local circulars and give you the ability to highlight the products you want.  Target makes it on there, but if you want an alternative try Retale.

Coupons at Target.com

Cartwheel isn’t the only way to save big at Target.  Use their digital coupon site here, select the coupons you would like and then print them out for redemption at the check-out line.

Gift Registries

Although no significant discounts are given during the time you have the registry live.  Once your event has passed and you have leftover items, you’ll be able to buy them for 15% off!

Target Trade-In

This little-known part of the Target company gives you the ability to trade in electronics (and other products) in return for Target Gift Cards.  There was once an even an event for a Car Seat trade in earlier in 2017.


Curious about how much $$ you have left on your Target eligible gift card?  Check out MyBalanceNow.com and enter in your gift card info.  Don’t worry; the site is owned by Target’s Gift Card technology itself!

Did we miss something?  Try visiting our friends over at Totally Target for more RED Savings.  Comment on our social network pages for any other Target Saving Ideas!


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