TellDunkin and Get a Free Donut at Dunkin Donuts

TellDunkin – Dunkin Donuts Survey

Dunkin Donuts not only serves the nations most popular donut menu but is a legit contender for your coffee bucks as well.  It’s time to make the donuts but also brew the coffee as well.  There are many ways to save at the popular franchise chain, including their very own Dunkin Donuts app and a TellDunkin Survey that nets you a FREE Donut!

time to make the donuts

Dunkin Donuts App with DD Perks Rewards

If you’ve been a regular at your local Dunkin Donuts you’ll be pleased to know that with your smartphone you’ll be able to download the Dunkin Donuts app and earn many rewards, including free Donuts and Coffee.

Depending on the date there are always new perks added to the smartphone app that will include a free beverage of your choice or free donuts and breakfast sandwiches.

Preorder on the app to avoid any miscommunication you may have at the pickup line or drive-thru window!

Time to TellDunkin

telldunkin dunkin donuts survey page

Like many of our favorite restaurants, you’ll be able to earn free food just by placing your feedback on Dunkin Donuts online survey site: (or TellDunkinBaskin).  In doing so you’ll score a free donut!  Here’s how to enter:

  • Buy Anything at DD
  • Once Home, Head to or (depending if you went to a combined location)
  • Enter in Your Survey Code Found on Your Receipt (Bottom)
  • Fill out the Quick Survey
  • Once completed fill in your promo code
  • Present Code to Cashier for Free Donut

Popular Items at Dunkin Donuts

For many, the donuts are the real star of the show at Dunkin Donuts, but you’ll be surprised how good their coffee has become over the past decade.  You’ll be able to add Flavor Shots like the favorite blueberry flavor, adding much more depth to the coffee no matter your choice of sugar or cream.  Here are some of the other popular items at DD:

  • Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Espresso Drinks like Lattes and Macchiatos
  • Iced Drinks like Coolattas and Iced Coffee

DunkinNation with Receipt

With every receipt you get, you also get the opportunity to join DunkinNation, an exclusive website made by Dunkin Donuts where they’ll offer deals, new products, and discussion.

TellDunkin receipt
Note the TellDunkin Code and DunkinNation Entry

It’s time to head over to the app store to download the DD app and fill out that TellDunkin survey to boost your free Dunkin Donuts Rewards, visit DunkinNation (Dunkin Donuts Nation, a place where the fans of the popular chain go to find out more sales and info)

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