TellSubway – Give Subway Feedback, Get a Cookie!

TellSubway and Help Them Improve!

Dig those $5 Dollar Footlongs at Subway? Gone are the days of Jared…and some might argue Subway’s prime is in the past.  Maybe it’s their sliced meats, or maybe it’s their bread, but quality seems to have gone up and down lately.

Still, you’ll be pleased to know that once you’ve dined at one of the several thousand Subway locations you can enter your honest feedback at Tell Subway and earn yourself a Free Cookie! *No Need to wait for Free Cookie Day.*  Help the chain improve locally and nationally with your opinions!

Head Over to Now to Enter!

tellsubwayWhat Do You Get For Taking the Survey?

A Free Cookie

TellSubway Info

EligibilityAnyone can enter
RewardFree Cookie
Duration24 Hours (After Order)
Time to Complete1 Minute

Survey Information

  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • United States Locations
  • You can Enter Unlimited Times!
  • One Coupon Code for a Cookie per Receipt
  • Coupon Code is Valid for 30 Days

How Exactly to Enter

  • Head Over to Subway
  • Order Anything!
  • Get Your Receipt
  • Enter Your Survey Code at
  • Complete Survey (Takes 2 Minutes Max)
  • Get the Coupon Code for Free Cookie!
  • Redeem at the next Subway Visit!

Most people don’t take advantage of these types of feedbacks, in fact, you can probably do this an unlimited amount of times and get unlimited cookies!! Caution: Not that good for you!



Subway does still have an active rewards program so you can not only score free cookies by taking feedback at TellSubway but rack up points for free Subway sandwiches and soups in the long run.

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