Give Taco Bell Feedback for Chance to Win $500 at TellTheBell



Who doesn’t like a Chalupa before or after seeing the latest Hollywood Blockbuster?  Taco Bell has formed one of the most significant fast food followings over the past two decades for its creative marketing.  Taco Bell has captured the audiences young and old with humor and tasty options.  Little do people know that you can take part in a survey called TellTheBell that could net you $500!

Who would’ve thought that Taco Bell would be so profitable!?

TellTheBell – Taco Bell’s Feedback Survey

Like other restaurants, including Panda Express and Little Caesars (both of which we covered), feedback is important to the corporation because it will help the brand realize what they would need to do including food innovation as well as the dining experience.  Because your time is being used to form new research, Taco Bell allows you to participate in sweepstakes for $500…each time you get a receipt!

TellTheBell Receipt
Tell The Bell Feedback!

Surveys/Feedbacks Don’t Take Long!

Typically surveys will take less than a few minutes to complete.  And many times user information isn’t required.  If it does, that means the company is looking for more information on how to improve, like how to gear more towards their audiences’ age, etc.

Do People Win?!

Yep.  In fact, we’ve seen from other websites that winning these types of surveys are common, although as a casual feedback filler, don’t expect to win unless you have lady luck on your side.

How to Enter the TellTheBell Feedback

Once you’ve received your receipt, whether it be for a bottle of water or just one taco, you’ll be eligible to enter.  Note on the top of the receipt a long number.  This is the number for your survey entry.  Proceed to, fill the number in and continue through the survey.  Go to now!

See the numbers up top? Here’s our recent trip!

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