Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Since the day humankind dwelled in caves, buying and selling properties has been a process we have had to endure and, yes, we chose the word to endure on purpose. It doesn’t matter what your circumstance is, selling a home is always more hassle than you ever believed it could be. All you want is the most money and less stress possible. That is the perfect look. That is what every first-time house-seller intends to achieve.

First Time Home Seller

The problem is, selling a house is foreign soil. Sure, you’ve bought a home before, but selling is a whole different ballgame. You’ve swapped emotions and feelings and looking at the future for maximizing profits, and this is how you can do that:

The Art of Pricing

This is where opting for a reputable real estate agent really comes in handy because you want someone that knows what the local market is doing, what people are looking for in a home, what factors boost a price and just about every ounce of market analysis that will make sure your home is listed for the right amount. Too low and you won’t get the best return, but too high and you won’t get a sale.

Get Agents To Work For You

It’s not a hidden cost, but accepting the fact an agent will take about 6-7% of the sale isn’t exactly at the forefront of your mind either. Not until it is too late. Not until you realize just how much that percentage equates to. Of course, there are ways around this. On the one hand, you have services like Hungry Agents, which matches agents in your area and then has them compete for your business and, on the other side, you have fixed rate agents, like Purplebricks. What we’re saying is, there are alternatives to paying top dollar.

Show Your Home Better

You may not realize it, but there is an art to showing off your home, so speak to a specialist – or your agent – about what little tricks will help you stage your home better. Things like removing half the furniture to open it up a bit, taking down family pictures so that buyers can picture themselves there and lots of greenery are all proven to work to your advantage. Another thing you can do is give your home a lick of paint. If a home has paint chips or damaged furniture, a buyer will start to question the overall maintenance.

It’s All About The Day

First impressions count for everything, and so the day you pick to put it on the market counts for a lot more than you may have realized. As such, make sure you consider things like your local community, what the weather forecast is saying, what time of year it is (knowing that winter means shorter days) and what the market itself is doing. All of these will influence your home’s chances of selling. So don’t just pick a Monday and go for it. Work out what will be best instead.

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