Top Side Hustle Online Apps (Like UBER) with Affiliate Programs

For many bloggers, side hustles are a smooth write.  You can tell your readers on how to make extra dough by riding your car around picking up people or food, and if they end up trying it out, you can make some serious coin.  With the explosion of apps in the early 2010’s the ability to turn your smartphone into a money making machine helps people live a better life, picking and choosing their schedule to work.  If you are a blogger where these types of value propositions apply, then you are in luck, because the companies behind such money making opportunities also want to share and bring the app to as many people as possible.  Affiliate Marketing empowers apps and companies with the power of the referral.  Let’s take a look at those Side Hustles now!

Refer Side Hustles and be a Hustler Yourself!


The obvious choice when it comes to side hustling.  If you have a recent enough car, you could earn money.  But you already know about UBER’s business model.  What about its affiliate program?  Well, it’s always changing management, that’s for sure.  Bigger companies like UBER who understand how vital affiliate marketing can be, sometimes hire contractors (OPM) as well as in-house employees to manage its affiliate program.  Here are the juicy details behind the ride-sharing app:

  • Found on the Impact Network
  • There is a program for Riders but its closed off to the general public
  • UBER Eats also Available! (with Bike Rider capability)
  • Commissions Range from $15 Approved Bikes to $45 (and up) Approved Drivers


The main competitor of UBER has an affiliate program, but it’s a bit different.  Our experience with the program has been inconsistent and if you check around other “make money blogs,” you’ll likely see Lyft rarely written about due to its lack of consistency.  Here are the details:

  • Found on the Rakuten Marketing (Linkshare) Network
  • RIDER Program is Inactive at Most Time of the Year ($2-$4 per ride)
  • DRIVER Program is more consistent at $80-$100 per approved Driver


One of the more missed out opportunities bloggers tend to overlook is this neat app.  You can rent out your own car, or be the renter itself.  There are barriers for many customers including the fact that cars aren’t company owned, but if you can convince your readers to sign up there’s a good opportunity there.  The major missed opportunity here is their Car Owner side, that is not very actively advertised within their program.  (But it’s there)

  • Found on the Impact Network
  • Car Owners and Renter Programs
  • Tiered Commission (Both Renter and Owner)
    • Sign Up is a Commission
    • Confirmed Email
    • First Drive
  • Commissions vary from approximately $4-$45
  • Here’s a tip:  Alternative Network for the Turo Car Owner Program: FlexOffers 

turo car owner program


For those who own or have extra space that’s just lying around, Airbnb is a good opportunity to make some money.  With growing support and a large clientele, there are alternatives out there, but Airbnb is the undoubted king in this space.  Yes: VRBO, HomeAway, TurnKey all have programs on the Commission Junction network in case you were wondering.  If you want to push the best, let’s examine Airbnb:

  • Found on the Impact Network
  • For Renters and Listings
  • Compliance is very strict (Terminology must match theirs to be approved)
  • Renter Side is nearly impossible to be approved for
  • Listing Side offers commissions in specific locations (ever changing)
  • Commissions can vary from $25-$100

RVShare (and Outdoorsy)

Millennials tend to buy more experiences than real estate because well…buying a home is too expensive nowadays.  RVs are on the rise for its mobility, yet efficient way to travel across the country.  You can see the Grand Canyon one day, then Disneyland the next all under the same roof.  Sites like RVShare and Outdoorsy offer a way to RV owners to rent out their RVs to those who are willing.  Commissions are pretty high (for now) so here’s a good opportunity for a blog piece!

  • RVShare is Self-Hosted (but with a Commission Junction Program Pending)
  • Outdoorsy is Self-Hosted with Co-branding available
  • Payouts are anywhere from $20-$80 for renting out RVs

We’re Waiting for These…

As we mentioned in one of our articles, Affiliate Marketing is an extra marketing aspect for digital companies with unique knowledge required.  Sometimes, it’s too expensive or risky to start an affiliate program.  Here are some apps that should consider starting a Side Hustle Affiliate Program, for some of these, they have a customer faced affiliate program, but not an app owner side.

  • Rover Dog Walking
  • JustAnswer (Asked, and they said they’ll look into it)
  • Upwork
  • Postmates
  • YourMechanic


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