Why You Should Turn A Credit Card into a Debit Card

It’s easy to get lost in the debt that credit cards come with.  Every time a credit card has been swiped or inserted into a card reader, you are essentially letting another company bill you at a later point.  It’s not your money you are spending, rather debt you are accumulating.  Credit Cards are certainly tools to help you gain rewards, increase credit, or perhaps purchase things that are essential to your life, including medical bills.  However, if you don’t pay off your card daily, weekly, or monthly you may tend to let a balance keep growing until it’s totally out of reach for you or your family.  It’s a scary situation to be in, and one that will limit your financial dependence.

The Solution Has Arrived

Sure you can pay your bills easily through the dashboards that most of the credit cards come with, and we are actually big fans of American Expresses’ Easy to Use interface, but can it be any easier?  Debitize, a new company that is revolutionizing the way you utilize credit cards is here.  The app can be summed up easily:  Turn Your Credit Card into a Debit Card…FREE

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The Debtize app is one way to make sure you spend wisely, but also increase your credit and boost reward potential!  Link it up to apps like DOSH and Spent and keep the rewards flowing!

Confused on How Debitize Works?

The app works through the cards you link to your service, all you have to do is:

  1. Link Applicable Cards (One’s You Spend Money on Daily)
  2. Debitize Deducts the Charges from your Checking Account for Each Charge
  3. At Month’s End the Credit Card Bill is Paid Through Debitize in Full

You can unlink any card at any given time, plus with 256 Encrypted Security, you’ll be pleased to know it’s all safe for you to utilize.

Debitize Debit CArd

One user was said to increase his credit score by 30 points in 3 months by utilizing Debitize!  Time for you to increase your score and boost those points now!

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I'll definitely check this out, never heard of it. Anything that can make my life a bit easier. Thanks!