Three New and Exciting Credit Cards

Advertising Disclosure: This is your friendly neighborhood MoneyHax founder, Todd. This article is proof that with responsible credit card user you can earn a great rewards! Though we are affiliate partners with the Barclaycard Affiliate Program and we must let you know this, we believe in these card’s benefits

Barclay’s Arrival Premier


The Barclays Arrival Premier World Elite Mastercard is one that will want to stay in your wallet for a while.  The Unlimited 2x Miles on every purchase is an attractive way to build travel rewards over time, and Barclays rewards you even more if you make this card one of your primary sources of spending.  With a bonus every year you have it!  Here’s how it works:

Spend 15K get 15,000 miles, spend an additional 10K get 10,000 miles which equals 25K miles

The eye-opening $25,000 seems like a lot of money up front, but if you switch your card to pay off bills, daycare, groceries, gifts, and other necessary expenditures you may surpass the $25,000 in spending anyways.  Although you can still spend $10,000 and get an additional 10,000 Miles Bonus!!

Oh and by the way, the miles never expire, therefore save up for that trip to you always wanted to go on!

Some of the other Benefits

  • Global Entry – Expedite your Re-entry with a $100 automatic statement credit for the cost of one Global Entry application fee every five years
  • No foreign transaction fees on purchases made while traveling abroad
  • Transfer your miles to participating travel loyalty programs
  • $0 Fraud Liability protection
  • Earn more miles for sharing travel stories in the mobile-friendly Barclays Travel Community
  • Complimentary online FICO® score access

There is an annual fee of $150, but again if you are spending the money and looking to build this card is a worthy addition to your wallet!

Apply to Barclay’s Arrival Premier Today!

Using Credit Card bonuses are something we’ll continue to talk about here at MoneyHax. If you have a stable job, or income stream and pay off our credit card debt monthly, credit cards are an excellent way to earn extra rewards paying for stuff you normally would. The Barclaycard Arrival Plus is terrific for those who want to travel and have specific sites they are loyal to when they book travel. The approval odds of the Barclaycard were better than average; perhaps this is because they are looking for more of a presence in the United States.

UBER Barclaycard Dining Rewards Card

Credit cards are a hot topic when it comes to money hacks. They provide a safety net when purchasing items given it’s not directly out of your bank account, in addition, most credit card companies offer fraud solutions to help back that up. Another benefit of having a credit card is their rewards, including cash back.  Let’s take a look at the Barclay’s UBER Credit Card

uber credit card

How the UBER Credit Card Rewards Work

Cash back works as a rebate for the money you spent in a certain category, for example with UBER’s new credit card, you can earn 4% back on restaurant and dining. Spend $25 at your local coffee shop, get one dollar back! For those who like dining out, this card is now one of the best options out there!

uber cash back areas

The card does offer 2% back on purchases online including sites like Amazon and Walmart. This also is a competitor in that arena given how many people utilize online shopping.  There is also a one time bonus of $100 after you spend $500 during the first three months of use. This is almost free money if you put your cable and/or other important expenses on the card.

Apply for the UBER Credit Card starting today, however, approval does depend on your credit score amongst other factors.

Already an Owner of the UBER Card?

Keep tabs on your account by going (and logging on) to from there you’ll be able to:

  • Add Payment Information
  • Points Redemption Options
  • Check Statements

Surely this isn’t just a dining card?  It’s an UBER Card!  You can redeem points for UBER credit right from the Barclaycard Dashboard:

uber points redemption

Capital One Savor Credit Card

Like the UBER Credit Card, the new Capital One Savor card is geared for those who like to dine out and order food.  You’ll get the competitive 4% Cash Back on the dining category along with 2% at Grocery stores (Walmart and Target do not apply).

capital one savor

Plus Earn a one-time $500 cash bonus after you spend $3000 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening.  This offer is very enticing for those who travel, dine, or want to earn a larger bonus when you consider your out and about lifestyle.  Overall, this could beat the UBER Barclaycard’s reward system using this one time bonus, only by a small margin, considering the UBER card does reward online shopping and this Capital One Savor Card does not!

Other noteworthy information:

  • $0 Annual Fee First Year, then at $95 per additional year
  • Good-Excellent Credit Needed
  • Cash Back does not expire
  • No foreign transaction fees

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