Spelling Bee that Stings – Misspellings Can Lead to Great Deals

Misspellings occur more than you think and they often lead to customer service headaches.  If you ever listed something on a site like eBay, for example, you may have forgotten to spell check everything from the title to the body of text inside.  After reading this article, you’ll find out why it’s so important to do so.  However, if you are buying a product online, there are ways to look for misspellings that lead to substantial savings during a purchase.

Spelling bee champ
Happy I Guess?

eBay Misspelling apps

So you like to shop on the eBay marketplace you have options when it comes to bulk searching for spelling mistakes.  However, in many cases, eBay have rooted out listing errors and by automatically sorting out the misspelled listings or correcting them automatically.  Because eBay is still the best place to list a used item, you’ll still be able to find a misspelled piece at a significant discount.  Want to try out some apps?

  • FatFingers
  • TypoHound

TypoHound Example

We found Typohound to be slightly more intuitive when it comes to misspellings on eBay.  Check out the PlayStation example below:

playstation typohound

And when you actually click on one the links?

Typohound Error Found

Note that “Playstaion” is not the correct way to spell PlayStation and therefore fewer searches will be conducted overall for this particular item.  Take advantage of these types of misspellings and save a bundle of money when buying on eBay!

How to Avoid Misspellings in the Future??

If you are a business owner online who often works online through the text of any kind you’d be wise to invest in something like Grammarly.  In fact, MoneyHax utilizes Grammarly and wouldn’t go a day without it.  What it does is check for grammar and spelling issues automatically.  The premium edition, which is well worth it, gives you suggestions on word replacement, synonyms, plagiarism, and more!

Grammarly Featured Image

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